Cheering You Back to Work: How JVS Career Services Provides the Encouragement Job Seekers Need

“After a year of searching for a job on my own, and getting a number of rejection letters, I was starting to doubt myself and my skills.”

Just about anyone who has searched for a job has probably had the same feelings that Holly Funk experienced during her year-long job search.

Holly is a research scientist by trade, but stepped away from her full-time career to take care of some personal matters. During that time, she picked up a part-time teaching job, but eventually found herself looking for full-time work.

“I spent a year searching on my own. My resume and interview skills were pretty good; what I needed was someone to help build my confidence back up. That’s when a friend of mine recommended JVS Career Services.”

Holly was teamed up with Brian at JVS Career Services and, “he was amazing! He encouraged me, and helped me believe in myself again – he really was my cheerleader.”

Holly says that support was the most valuable thing to her during the entire process.

“After my second time meeting with Brian, I found my current job. I’ve been working at Northern Kentucky University in the bio chemistry lab. This is the best job I’ve ever had; I don’t care that I’m here for ten hours a day. I love it. I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Brian and the rest of the staff at JVS Career Services.”

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