Cheering You Back to Work: How JVS Career Services Provides the Encouragement Job Seekers Need

“After a year of searching for a job on my own, and getting a number of rejection letters, I was starting to doubt myself and my skills.”

Just about anyone who has searched for a job has probably had the same feelings that Holly Funk experienced during her year-long job search.

Holly is a research scientist by trade, but stepped away from her full-time career to take care of some personal matters. During that time, she picked up a part-time teaching job, but eventually found herself looking for full-time work.

“I spent a year searching on my own. My resume and interview skills were pretty good; what I needed was someone to help build my confidence back up. That’s when a friend of mine recommended JVS Career Services.”

Holly was teamed up with Brian at JVS Career Services and, “he was amazing! He encouraged me, and helped me believe in myself again – he really was my cheerleader.”

Holly says that support was the most valuable thing to her during the entire process.

“After my second time meeting with Brian, I found my current job. I’ve been working at Northern Kentucky University in the bio chemistry lab. This is the best job I’ve ever had; I don’t care that I’m here for ten hours a day. I love it. I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Brian and the rest of the staff at JVS Career Services.”

To learn more about JVS Career Services’ career coaching, contact us, e-mail, or call (513) 936-9675.

JVS Career Services helps a stay-at-home mom get back to work

“I get up every day and I get to do a job that I love. I’d rate it a 10; that’s how much I love it.”

For Mindy Ellis, reentering the job market was a daunting task. She had been a stay-at-home mom for more than twenty years, when she found herself in need of a full-time job. Not knowing how to get started, Mindy followed the advice of several of her friends and reached out to JVS Career Services. She was quickly connected to Dedra, a career coach, and began her job search.

“I was very apprehensive about re-entering the job market. I was competing against people half my age.”

In addition to staying at home and caring for her two boys, Mindy was a full-time volunteer and fundraiser for Cincinnati-area non-profits.

Before she reached out to JVS Career Services, Mindy had started her own company with a partner. They were helping seniors and baby boomers with decisions regarding their independence and end-of-life planning. While Mindy loved the work, she was looking for a role that offered a steady salary. That’s when she reached out to Dedra at JVS Career Services.

“I knew I needed a job that offered a lot of flexibility. I wasn’t going to be happy in an 8:00 to 5:00 job. Dedra helped me regain my confidence and helped me put together an amazing resume. And she had an unbelievable network.”

With the help of Dedra and JVS Career Services, she was able to focus her past experiences and interests and highlight the many skills she could bring to an employer. Working with Dedra she was able to craft a stellar resume, highlighting her unique skills. From there, it was networking and connecting.

Dedra put together a list of local companies Mindy could reach out to, and she was able to speak with several managers. Thanks to that networking, she was able to confidently speak what she could bring to a company.

After several weeks Dedra put her in touch with Betsy Goldfarb, who is the owner of Queen City Transitions; a company that provides transitional support for seniors.

“When I first contacted Queen City Transitions, they didn’t have a position for me. In fact, they had never had a sales rep before, but Betsy called me back and said she was going to create a job for me.”

Dedra then helped Mindy with the onboarding process and helped answer any questions she had –from writing thank you notes to starting her new position. Mindy is now a successful Sales Manager with Queen City Transitions and she says she can’t imagine doing anything else.

When Betsy was asked about adding Mindy to her team, she said, “Her innate passion for what we do was noticeable from the beginning, and when the right person is introduced to the right business and put in the right role, it can lead to great results. Mindy has been a vital part of achieving those great results.”

JVS Career Services provided Mindy the confidence, guidance, and expertise that she was looking for during her career transition, and at the same time, helped a local small business add a valuable member to their team.

“Thank you Dedra and the rest of the JVS Career Services team for helping me get my job.”

To learn more about JVS Career Services’ career coaching, contact us, email, or call (513) 936-9675

Local Wages Trending Up: Just One of Many Costs Impacting Employers

Peter Landesman, Senior Business Development Manager, JVS Career Services

A recent article in the Cincinnati Business Courier advised employers that a tight job market with low unemployment coupled with employers’ difficulty filling jobs will prompt wage hikes that could average 3.5 percent.

In an article titled, Inside the Hottest Job Market in Half a Century, The Wall Street Journal reports that the US economy has added jobs for 100 consecutive months and unemployment has dipped to its lowest level in 49 years. Further, workers with less education and people working with in the lowest-paying jobs are getting bigger pay raises.

This tight job market is but one factor in positions going unfilled as employers are struggling to recruit qualified candidates for all their open opportunities. Millennials now comprise the greatest percentage of workers and they tend to average a job change every two years.

Frequent, voluntary employee turnover can be a hidden expense for some employers – especially those that monitor spending on advertising, hardware, and workspaces, but do not grasp the cost of replacing those lost workers.

Consider the following costs in terms of resources, time and cash outlays:

  • Posting jobs
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Offering referral or sign-on bonuses
  • Training & onboarding new hires

Don’t forget that employers also are incurring costs whenever employees leave in payouts for unused vacation and unused sick time.

According to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the cost to replace an employee can average between six and eight months of that employee’s salary.

And, costs don’t end there. Employee turnover adds to decreased productivity and morale as the work is spread to current employees while a position is being filled. Workers that leave also take with them intimate institutional knowledge that can take a new employee months or years to accrue.

Voluntary employee turnover along with economic growth is creating seemingly more jobs than candidates which places undue stress on an employer’s HR and Talent Acquisition Departments.

Many employers are now engaging professional recruiting organizations to close these employment gaps after finding limited success with posting their open positions on a variety of job boards or through social media channels. Recruiters make the process to recruit and hire qualified candidates more efficient for employers. For example, recruiters take over the time-intensive tasks of posting jobs and screening for finalists.

Recruiters can dramatically reduce the time-to-hire which helps employers reduce costs and avoid further employee defections.

Consider engaging JVS Career Services as an additional talent acquisition resource to assist with your recruiting needs. We have the experience and have been a cost-effective solution for local employers. Give us a call to learn more.

Peter Landesman, Senior Business Development Manager and Career Coach, comes to JVS Career Services after 40 years as a marketing and marketing communications professional. Peter has worked in a wide variety of industries that include consumer packaged goods, retail, publishing, healthcare, information technology, private aviation, professional services, and employee benefits. He has worked for well-known companies such as World Book Encyclopedia, JCPenney, American Heart Association, NCR, and NetJets.

To contact Peter Landesman, please call (513) 745-2905, or email

Why Talent Management is Vital

Sheri Vogel, Talent Management Consultant, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

I had two conversations recently that solidified for me why talent management is so vital right now.

The first one was with the executive director of a non-profit who wanted to better understand a request for one of her directors to participate in an up-coming community meeting as a facilitator. This executive reached out so she could be sure that this opportunity would be a good fit for the professional development of her staff member, and so that she could be sure to make the time available for her to participate.

The other conversation I had was with one of our young professionals who is participating in the Jewish Federation’s Non-profit Leadership Institute. We were talking about her current role and how she feels a bit disconnected from the larger organization. She loves her work and would like to have the opportunity to experience additional challenges. She also shared with me some of her skills that are not being used in her current role. I asked her about her professional development plan and if it included activities that would give her the chance to grow within and beyond her current role. She expressed that her supervisor probably doesn’t see her potential beyond her current role.

In my first example, I was struck by this leader’s deliberate focus on a performance development plan for her staff member and how she was making the time for her to pursue this opportunity.

In the second example, I worried that perhaps we are missing an opportunity to support someone who wants to stay within the organization and even have an opportunity to advance.  I can’t help but worry that there is always the risk that someone like this may find her greater opportunity somewhere else.

Developing an effective talent management program requires a commitment from you and your leadership team to be the best leader you can be. Are you seeing the current and future potential of your team and supporting their professional development and career growth?  Is this part of your current culture?

Talent management is many things but it is primarily making sure that you have the right quantity and quality of people to meet your business priorities and fulfill your mission now and in the future.

It is an organization’s commitment to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented employees.

Here’s how we want to begin thinking about this:

  • Ask yourself if this is part of your current culture or if a change is needed
  • Begin with your business strategies – and look beyond simply filling positions. Consider how talent fits in to the goals of your organization
  • Start assessing competencies and engagement of your team. Identify the gaps between where you are currently and where you need to be. Get the right people in the right jobs
  • Build in succession planning
  • Develop a thoughtful acquisition and retention program (including hiring and promotion)
  • Develop meaningful on boarding, performance management and professional development programs
  • Offer opportunities for learning and development
  • Review your compensation package
  • Make sure that you are connecting individual goals to team goals to corporate goals
  • Build in the processes, systems and tools to sustain this effort

This ability to engage people at all levels,  create an environment  where staff is doing meaningful work, feeling  challenged, seeing their impact related to the mission and working for an organization that is invested in their future can solidify the most important competitive advantage your organization has; your people.

Sheri Vogel, Talent Management Advisor, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, is an experienced executive and consultant with a demonstrated history of leading non-profit and healthcare organizations. She has extensive background in leadership training, development and coaching. She is also skilled in project and program management, process improvement, and strategic planning. Sheri is a strong community and social services professional who graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara.

JVS Career Services Hilb Scholarship Program

By Dedra Perlmutter, Senior Career Consultant, Human Resources Manager, and Scholarship Administrator, JVS Career Services

Are you looking for financial assistance to help with the cost of college?  Don’t forget to check out the scholarship opportunities available through JVS Career Services.

The Hilb Scholarship Fund has been administered by JVS Career Services since its inception. Gus Hilb established the Hilb Scholarship Fund at the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati in 1955 in honor of his parents, Mannis and Yetta Hilb.

“JVS Career Services, in partnership with the Hilb Scholarship Fund, is committed to making funds available for students who want to further their education after high school, and adults who want additional education and training,” said JVS Career Services CEO Joni Burton.

The Anne and George Heldman Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 by the Heldman family.  It is designed for Jewish students who are graduating from high school. Additional funds include the Saidel Award, the Guthman Award, the Graff Award, and the Weiss Award, which are available to subsections of the scholarship applicant pool.

Ashley Schlissel, a recent graduate from The University of Akron, shared, “I just wanted to take the time to thank you and the entire committee for supporting my college career by providing me a scholarship through JVS Career Services over the last 4.5 years. Without this scholarship, a college education would have been very difficult for me to achieve. However, I am now a college graduate and have accepted a full-time position at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Thank you for all the generous time and support you all have given me. I look forward to keeping in touch.”

Ninety scholarships equaling more than $200,000 were awarded for the 2018-19 academic year.

Students interested in applying for any of the scholarships administered by JVS Career Services should keep the deadline to submit the application in mind:

May 1, 2019: Last day to submit an application for the 2019-2020 academic year and make an appointment for an interview with the scholarship administrator

Scholarship assistance is just one of the many services that JVS Career Services offers students. The agency also works with students on career coaching, resume writing, networking, and interviewing skills.  As students approach the end of their schooling, JVS Career Services helps students find internships or jobs after graduation. For more information, contact JVS Career Services at (513) 936-9675 or


Dedra Perlmutter, CPRW, SHRM-CP, PHR, is a Senior Career Coach, College Scholarship Administrator, and Human Resources Manager at JVS Career Services. Dedra provides extensive knowledge to clients in the areas of job searching, interviewing, networking, image and career strategies, and personal branding. With almost 20 years of HR experience, in a variety of industries, Dedra is well-versed in recruiting and employment and brings with her “insider knowledge” of what employers are looking for in potential employees. By leading workshops and working with clients individually, Dedra is able to serve as a resource for those who are looking to make a career change or to enhance their current career path.

In addition to utilizing her past experiences, Dedra also works in conjunction with other HR industry professionals to remain up-to-date on current hiring and employment trends. Being able to share knowledge and experiences with clients has proven to be a huge success factor.

Dedra is known for her positive motivation and her upbeat approach to the job search process. She also has a sincere interest in getting to know her clients and helping discover their goals.

Dedra, a Cincinnati native, received her Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Human Resources from Bowling Green State University. Dedra also holds a PHR, Professional Human Resources Certification, a SHRM-CP, Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional, as well as a CPRW, Certified Professional Résumé Writer.

The ‘Total Package’: How JVS Career Services Helped a Chicago Transplant Land the Perfect Job

In the rush of a flight from Chicago to Cincinnati for a job interview, Jon Mann misplaced the portfolio containing his resume and business cards—critical materials for his afternoon appointment.

“However, as I was sitting in the JVS Career Services office,” Jon said, “They quickly created business cards, printed my resume, and provided a portfolio, all without me knowing.”

Jon and his wife made the decision to move to Cincinnati earlier this year. They are from Chicago but spent the last several years in Milwaukee, where his wife cared for her father and where Jon did fundraising for a senior living and healthcare facility. Ready for a change and to be closer to family, Jon started to look for work in the Queen City.

“So I reached out to Kim Slaton [JVS Career Services Managing Director],” he said. “Kim’s professionalism is beyond belief. She instantly responded to my email and set up a time for us to Skype. From that point on, I felt incredibly comfortable under her wings.”

By the time they scheduled an introductory call, Kim had a lead on a job that matched Jon’s skills and interests at The Jewish Hospital.

“She told me that while she wanted to talk to me, I had to hang up and apply right away. Following her directions, I applied and was selected to undergo the interview process.”

Before that in-person interview in Cincinnati, Jon had his first interview via Skype. Kim helped him prepare for the digital interview and ultimately for the more traditional interview. Not only that—Kim followed up with Jon after the interview to see if he had heard back, and she checked in with the potential employer to see if they had made a decision.

In a matter of weeks, Jon had an offer—evidence of something Kim calls JVS Career Services’ “special sauce.”

“In Jon’s case, the sun, moon, and stars all aligned,” she said. “But that’s not by chance. We work hard to network and create business connections so that we know about great opportunities as soon as they come open. Then we identify the perfect candidate for the role and connect the two.”

Jon said Kim is the “total package,” as she understands the whole process and is an advocate for her clients.

“Not only am I grateful for Kim’s professionalism, but I am grateful for the direction and advice she gave me in managing that relationship,” he said.

Jon is just a few months into his new role as the Director of Development at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health. And so far, he’s happy with the move. Jon has been a very active member of the Jewish communities in which he has lived, and he is looking forward to becoming part of Jewish Cincinnati.

“I am in an exciting position with a dynamic organization, in a city and Jewish community where I want to live,” he said. “I am grateful to JVS Career Services for all they do to care for those coming into the Cincinnati work force, and I am a donor to JVSCS. I am excited to call Cincinnati home.”

To learn more about JVS Career Services’ career coaching, contact us, email, or call (513) 936-9675

After Frustrating 3-Year Search, JVS Career Services Helps Cancer Research Institute Find ‘Perfect Match’ Within Months

Three years into her search for a Senior Staff Scientist at Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory, Dr. Julia Carter, Ph.D., received a letter in the mail from JVS Career Services. That was in July 2017. She put the letter on the shelf, thinking she was already in the middle of trying to find someone qualified. In November though, Dr. Carter opened the letter, and within six months, she hired a smart, skilled, enthusiastic new scientist who began writing grants, mentoring college students, and reorganizing an underutilized lab at Wood Hudson.

“Once I talked with JVS Career Services, it was a clear path forward,” Dr. Carter said. “I had every confidence JVS Career Services could do the job, and they did.”

Wood Hudson is a not-for-profit research institute housed inside a former Catholic school building in Newport, Kentucky, a move from Covington made necessary as a result of the increased size of the institute’s research and education programs. Inside is a world-class biospecimen repository, containing more than two million tissues from 65,000 cancer patients, donated by St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

Scientists at Wood Hudson study human cancers for new methods of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. They study the environmental causes of cancer, particularly food and drinking water chemicals; and train undergraduate STEM majors, the next generation of scientists and physicians. Its scientists use equipment and techniques on the cutting edge of cancer research nationwide.

Before turning to JVS Career Services, Dr. Carter, who is the President and Founding Trustee of Wood Hudson, posted the opening in listings through professional societies—a seemingly well-focused search that did not yield the candidates she needed.

“Being a small, independent cancer research institute in Northern Kentucky isn’t your usual niche,” she said.

It was also difficult and time-consuming for her to review candidates. The process was stressful, said Dr. Carter, and took her away from her research.

JVS Career Services took a different approach. They cast a very wide net and got a diverse group of applicants from across the country—138 applicants, in fact. JVSCS selected just nine people for Dr. Carter to interview.

“Can you imagine if I had to deal with 138 people?” she said. “They knew what we were looking for and found people that matched it. I can’t tell you how much they relieved me of the angst of interviewing people that were not qualified.”

Dr. Carter relied on JVCCS’s judgement, efficiency, and expertise to narrow the candidate pool. To further narrow the list, JVS Career Services suggested asking candidates to write a one-page proposal of what they would do if they were hired.

“That separated the sheep from the goats,” Dr. Carter said. “When I saw Leila’s proposal, I knew she was the one.”

Dr. Leila Valanejad, Ph.D., who saw the posting on LinkedIn, had just the research and grant-writing expertise Dr. Carter was looking for, including 16 peer-reviewed publications in major scientific journals. And she has made an immediate impact on the institute. In addition to leading research and writing grant proposals, Dr. Valanejad oversees the Undergraduate Research Education Program, which employs students from universities around the country, giving them hands-on res

earch experience in a laboratory setting.

“She’s wonderful with students, enthusiastic, very bright, and very hard-working. And she loves science,” Dr. Carter said. “She is dedicated to getting to know other aspects of cancer research. In many ways, it was a perfect match.”

Learn how JVS Career Services can help your organization attract talent with our recruiting  services by contacting Peter Landesman by phone at (513) 745-2905 or by email


Peter Landesman, Senior Business Development Manager and Career Coach, comes to JVS Career Services after 40 years as a marketing and marketing communications professional. Peter has worked in a wide variety of industries that include consumer packaged goods, retail, publishing, healthcare, information technology, private aviation, professional services, and employee benefits. He has worked for well-known companies such as World Book Encyclopedia, JCPenney, American Heart Association, NCR, and NetJets.

Peter has passionately pursued and welcomed opportunities to assist individuals with their careers and share connections that lead to the next step in their journey.  In addition to fulfilling a volunteer role with many JVS Career Services clients, Peter co-facilitates the American Marketing Association’s Career Transition Group. Among his other non-profit activities, Peter served on the Governing Board of the WE Lead Athena Program and continues to serve on the Steering Committee of the Greater Cincinnati HR Collaborative.

He and his wife, Linda are members of Rockdale Temple and Peter is proud to volunteer with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

The War for Talent – Strategies for Success

By Peter Landesman, Senior Business Development Manager and Career Coach, JVS Career Services

The unemployment rate reached a historic low of 3.7% in September as reported by the US government. It has not been this low in nearly 50 years. While the news is a big positive for many workers, it’s not always good news for employers.

The shortage of available and experienced labor could hamper a company’s ability to grow and, in some scenarios, adversely impact the national economy.

The current jobs outlook skews towards jobs in healthcare, but there are other opportunities for workers, and some of these do not require college degrees. The Top Ten Most In-Demand Jobs in Central Ohio are:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Office Clerks
  • Nursing Assistants
  • General & Operations Managers
  • Licensed Practical & Vocational Nurses
  • Accountants & Auditors
  • Maintenance & Repair Workers
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor Trailer

To attract and retain workers, employers find themselves being forced to increase pay and benefits in what is now a very competitive labor market. The recent announcement by Amazon that it is raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour will have a cascading effect on its direct competitors as the supply of in-demand workers continues to shrink.

Employers are implementing a variety of strategies to attract and retain talent. HR Departments are relying more on social media to position their companies as an employer-of-choice. They are also focusing on creating a positive candidate experience throughout the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process.

More employers seem to be offering signing bonuses to acquire high-demand workers. The demand for Registered Nurses is so high that some hospitals are offering bonuses as high as $15,000 or, in a new twist, are offering to pay off a significant portion of an RN’s student loans.

And yet, employers are challenged to fulfill the demand for workers. They just do not have the resources on hand to focus on talent acquisition while struggling to run a business in today’s competitive market.

One solution is to work with professional recruiters that have the experience and resources to acquire talent. They have the inside knowledge and a network to find qualified candidates. Professional recruiters handle the screening and assessment of candidates, so the employer’s selection process is focused on only a few, highly qualified individuals. And professional recruiters work full-time to fill an employer’s open position.

Many local employers rely on JVS Career Services to be an extension of their organization. Whether it’s for entry-level or senior executive positions, JVS Career Services is a trusted partner that can find the best, most qualified talent. As a nonprofit, JVS Career Services can offer recruiting services at surprisingly affordable rates without sacrificing the quality of service that is provided.

Learn how JVS Career Services can help your organization attract talent with our recruiting  services by contacting Peter Landesman by phone at (513) 745-2905 or by email

Peter Landesman, Senior Business Development Manager and Career Coach, comes to JVS Career Services after 40 years as a marketing and marketing communications professional. Peter has worked in a wide variety of industries that include consumer packaged goods, retail, publishing, healthcare, information technology, private aviation, professional services, and employee benefits. He has worked for well-known companies such as World Book Encyclopedia, JCPenney, American Heart Association, NCR, and NetJets.

Peter has passionately pursued and welcomed opportunities to assist individuals with their careers and share connections that lead to the next step in their journey.  In addition to fulfilling a volunteer role with many JVS Career Services clients, Peter co-facilitates the American Marketing Association’s Career Transition Group. Among his other non-profit activities, Peter served on the Governing Board of the WE Lead Athena Program and continues to serve on the Steering Committee of the Greater Cincinnati HR Collaborative.

He and his wife, Linda are members of Rockdale Temple and Peter is proud to volunteer with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

To contact Peter Landesman, please call (513) 745-2905, or email

CEO’s Corner: How to Create a Mentoring Program that Benefits the Whole Organization

By Joni Burton, CPCC and CEO, JVS Career Services

Men∙tor (noun): a trusted counselor or guide (Miriam Webster)

Having a mentor is a powerful personal and career development tool that can enable the mentee to achieve or exceed their career goals and aspirations. Mentoring can improve employee satisfaction and retention, enrich new employee initiation, make your organization more appealing to recruits, and train your leaders. A good mentoring relationship is one of trust between two individuals—one of whom is more experienced in the organization than the other—and provides insight and guidance, and can help to make connections.

To create an effective mentoring program:

  • Set your program up to succeed by defining goals and involving top leadership within your organization to champion the plan. This will help ensure that the mentoring program becomes part of your company culture.
  • Seek out people who are truly passionate about being mentors. These individuals should see the value in mentoring for themselves, the mentee, and the organization.
  • Train mentors. Define their basic roles and establish boundaries, including trust.
  • Identify mentees. Ask managers or the mentors themselves to nominate individuals to the program. An accurate pairing is perhaps the most important ingredient to successful mentoring.
  • Create a framework for the relationship. It is advised to require a time commitment from both mentor and mentee.
  • Schedule gatherings for all participants to connect and share experiences.
  • Measure success. Over time, a successful mentoring program should improve the individual mentee’s professional success, as well as job satisfaction for both parties.

Many think that mentoring was designed to help the mentees, the up-and-coming. However, mentoring programs help the mentor keep their skills fresh and allow the mentor to give back. Many mentees become mentors to others later, paying it forward and passing on the benefits of these valuable programs.

Quick Tips to Rock Your Job Application Video

By Kim Slaton, Managing Director, JVS Career Services

Has this ever happened to you? You’re reading through a job description, and it sounds like the perfect position for you! You’re already organizing your resume and crafting your cover letter in your head… but you’re stopped in your tracks. At the end of the description, the company requests a short video—nothing fancy, just you and your smartphone explaining why you would be a great fit for the position. Panic sets in. You’re not a news anchor, you’ve never made a video of yourself before, and now the perfect job hangs in the balance.

Don’t let this video get the best of you. With these quick tips, you’ll be rolling in no time!

Write an Outline
The most important part of this video is what you have to say, so before you get bogged down in the video-making process write an outline of what you want to cover, and make sure you’re answering the questions you were asked. Be concise and stay on topic, but if it’s relevant, feel free to add a short personal story. Then practice aloud a few times without the camera rolling. The interviewers want to get a sense of who you are through this video. Be professional, but let your personality shine through.

Dress the Part
Select an outfit that you would wear to an interview for this job. Try to avoid bright white, as it can make you look washed out, or solid black because it can come across as flat. Anything else is fair game!

Find Your Best Lighting
For an amateur video, lighting is the key to making yourself look good. Film during the day. You’ll look best in natural light. Film outdoors if possible, but be careful if it’s windy because wind blowing across the microphone may make it hard to hear you. If you need to film indoors, don’t stand in front of a window. Instead, face the window and let the outdoor light shine on you. Do a few test shots and see how you look on camera. If you need to use lamps to brighten up your shot, make sure you place them so your face is brightened, not in shadows.

Choose Your Location
Location is also important. Choose an area that is relatively clean and clutter-free. You want to be the star of this video, not the background. Good locations include a natural outdoor setting, a tidy office, or living room. Avoid kitchens or bedrooms, as they are casual, less work-appropriate spaces. If you’re unsure of the best location, choose the place with the brightest, most natural light.

Set up the Camera
Turn the camera on its side, so it is horizontal, and film that way. You don’t want to submit a tall, vertical video because most people will be watching on horizontal screens. If you have a tripod, use it. If not, set your camera up on a sturdy surface like a table and lean it against something to prop it up. No selfie sticks! Ask a friend to help you frame the shot. Or do it by yourself. But make sure you like what’s showing on screen. Do another test shot to re-check the lighting, your background, and the sound.

Record When It’s Quiet
Background noise can be distracting. Minimize it as much as possible by asking family members to be quiet while you’re rolling or by putting pets in another room. Speak clearly and make sure you are loud enough for the microphone to pick you up.

Watch Your Video
Don’t expect that your video will be perfect on the first try. You may need to film more than once, making adjustments as you go. When you watch your video, check for lighting, sound, and that you like what you’re saying.

Don’t Go Crazy Editing
Unless you’re a professional video editor, you probably don’t want to edit your video very much. If you do feel it needs some tweaks, keep the fancy effects to a minimum. Less is more. This video is about YOU, not your editing skills.

Use these simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful video in no time!

Want to Learn more?
JVS Career Services offers Career Coaching and has the knowledge, the experience, the expertise, and the community network to help propel you to success. Contact us today.

Kim Slaton, CPCC, CPRW – JVS Career Services Managing Director, is a Senior Career Consultant with more than 11 years of experience advising people in transition about how to prepare a successful marketing strategy for today’s competitive job market. As a career catalyst, Kim is known for her consistent successes, adaptability and resourcefulness while staying current with the most important career search trends. This includes helping individuals craft sharp résumés and cover letters, creating effective marketing tools, polishing interviewing skills and enhancing social media and face-to-face networking abilities.

Kim partners with clients from all backgrounds and industries to provide focused and effective methods for navigating various life transitions. This includes college graduates, young professionals, mid-career professionals, executive level clients and retirees seeking encore careers.

Kim is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs® personality assessment tool and holds a BS degree in Human Services with a concentration in counseling from Plattsburgh, SUNY. She is also a graduate of The Nonprofit Leadership Institute of Greater Cincinnati EXCEL year-long leadership development program. In addition, Kim has reviewed and contributed to several college career course textbooks. Prior to joining the JVS Career Services (formerly Cincinnati Career Network), Kim was the Director of Development and Event Planner for Hillel Jewish Student Center of Cincinnati, Senior Fund Development Associate for the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, as well as the Acting Executive Director for the Central Kentucky Jewish Federation in Lexington, Kentucky. Kim’s focus is on building relationships with her clients by getting to know them and learning about what empowers and motivates them to achieve.

To contact Kim Slaton by phone, please call (513) 745-2903, or email her at