Careers Cincinnati Helps Ohio State Student Secure Perfect Match


Ricky Mulvey

By Ricky Mulvey

Ricky Mulvey is a rising junior at The Ohio State University where he is majoring in finance and minoring in Arabic. At Ohio State, Ricky is the vice president and a performer for the Buckeye Standup Comedy Club and is actively involved with his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta.

This summer I am the media intern at Simply Money, a financial advisory firm located on Kemper Road. This opportunity would not have been possible without Careers Cincinnati (a joint initiative of Cincinnati Hillel and Hillel at Miami University). Every day I help write and produce their radio show, which can be heard weekdays on 55 KRC at 6 p.m. Occasionally I have also been appearing on it as “Ricky the Intern.” Being able to get on the show is probably my favorite part of the internship—going live with a microphone and knowing that thousands of people will be listening has been a fantastic, indescribable rush.

The people I work with have been more welcoming and willing to help and include me than I hoped for. Also, I am helping create YouTube-only content for Simply Money. I don’t know any other internships where the interns not only have a say in projects, but are charged with leading some of them. But the biggest responsibility I have there is writing the outline of the radio show and presenting it to our on-air talent, Nathan Bachrach, Ed Finke, and Amy Wagner, every day.

The experience has given me a great look in the worlds of media and finance, fields I am interested in pursuing after graduation. JVS Career Services and their exceptional career consultants helped me refine my resume prior to me being offered the internship with Simply Money. Next, Ethan Litvin at Careers Cincinnati worked to not just get me the internship, but one where I fit in well. He took the time to get to know me and did not stop helping when I turned down a few offers where I knew I would not thrive.

A few days ago, my parents asked me how I liked my internship and I realized that I looked forward to going into work every day. I enjoy hearing stories from my boss, Darryl Parks, about his days leading WLW and getting financial insight from Ed and Nathan. Our Media and Promotions Coordinator, Dana Smith, has been an invaluable help for me.

This summer I was put in the right place, and it was all because of the work of Careers Cincinnati and JVS Career Services.

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Why Am I Not Getting Promoted?

By Joni Burton, CEO, JVS Career Services

Have you ever wondered why some people move up in their careers, getting one promotion after another, or being recruited by other organizations? Their credentials don’t look any better than yours; in fact, you may even have better credentials. Moving up your career ladder requires more than simply doing well at your current role, but it’s not rocket science.

First, you need to believe in yourself and get comfortable “tooting your own horn.” When you land that big new account or reduce the operating expenditures for your department, your leadership should know about it. Write an email to management praising the team that helped you achieve the accomplishment. For some, self-promotion isn’t easy or natural but modestly showcasing your own strengths and achievements may be the only way others see that you’re ready to advance and are capable of excelling in a promoted role.

Act like you are in the position that you want to be in. I was in sales for many years, and at one point, I was ready to move into management. Touting my achievements as a salesperson wasn’t enough, because management is not about sales. Being a good salesperson could not demonstrate to management my skills as a leader. I started acting like a manager by being a mentor to other sales people and emulating what I watched other good leaders do. I also stayed out of any office politics. Management took notice, and when the next sales management position came open and I applied for it, I got the promotion.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. If you are in a meeting, be an active participant. If you have an idea that will help your supervisor complete a project, speak up about it. Even if he or she doesn’t agree with your idea, this will showcase your leadership skills. If your supervisor likes your idea, be ready to help him or her execute it.

Manage up, down, and sideways. If you have a problem, your manager should know about it, but don’t just bring the problem to your manager — have a solution to offer. If you see some potential issues with something you are working on, let your manager know early, and let him or her know how you will manage the issue. You never want your manager to be blindsided with a problem that has been going on for a while. Remember, he or she has to manage up, too. Additionally, communicate well with your team, be open to input, make it a priority to maintain good relationships with your peers.

Present the right image. Dress like you’ve already been promoted. Look at what your management is wearing, and dress like them. Err on the side of professional when it comes to work attire. Dressing too casually or provocatively may draw attention, but not the type of attention that will get you a promotion.

Promotions aren’t just for folks with good luck. The more you incorporate these strategies into your routine, the better prepared you will be for the next advancement opportunity. Hopefully that promotion will come soon!

Joni Burton, CEO of JVS Career Services, is a seasoned Senior Management Executive with decades of experience in recruiting, staffing and management. In her role as CEO, Burton is focused on growing the agency and significantly expanding both types of services offered to job seekers and employers, and the number of clients served.

Prior to joining JVS Career Services, Burton served as CEO of ERB Solutions, a permanent placement and staffing company that assisted organizations in recruiting top-notch talent. Prior to this, Burton was President of Trasys, Area Director for CIBER, Territory Manager for CompuCom and Area Vice President for Whittman-Hart (marchFIRST/Divine) where she was instrumental in taking the firm from an unknown consultancy to one of the leading firms in the country.

Also, Burton is active in Jewish Family Service and The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

Burton has a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

Use Emotional Intelligence to Land the Right Job

JVS Career Postcard_Emotional Intelligence v3_web

You’ve heard of IQ, but did you know that EQ may be more valuable in a job search?

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, refers to the non-cognitive skills that make us personally and socially more competent and successful. And—the good news is, you can learn how to build your EQ skill set! At 6:30 p.m. on Monday July 11, JVS Career Services will host Founder and President of EQ Coaching solutions, Lisa Kappesser, for an evening of networking, hors d’oeuvres, and EQ pointers at 3825 Edwards Road, Room 210 in Cincinnati.

During the workshop, entitled “Use Emotional Intelligence to Land the Right Job,” Kappesser will provide attendees with the know-how to tap into, fine tune, and leverage their own emotional intelligence.

“Lisa brings a quarter of a century of experience in this field,” said Joni Burton, CEO of JVS Career Services. “She’s helped thousands of people transform their careers by helping them understand their own emotional intelligence potential, and how to harness that.”

Kappesser has worked with professionals at industry leading companies, such as Proctor and Gamble, Fifth Third Bank Corp., Coca Cola Enterprises, Kroger, Macy’s, and the University of Cincinnati, among others. She’s also developed emotional intelligence programs for businesses and organizations, and collaborated with The Carl H. Lindner College of Business Faculty to develop and implement a “Professionalism” course for undergraduate students.

“This seminar is for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out on your career path, or you’re looking for a new opportunity, you’ll return to your job search with some valuable insights on a subject that’s rarely discussed, but can be incredibly impactful,” Burton said.

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More Than Money: How JVS Career Services Scholarships Are Making Dreams Come True

By Joni Burton, CEO, JVS Career Services


Tamara Zmood at graduation.

“It’s never been a question ‘if’ a college education would happen in my family. It was always assumed that I was going to go to college,” explains 30-year-old Tamara Zmood.

The critical question for her and her sister, who, along with their parents, immigrated to Cincinnati from the former Soviet Union, was how that college education would be funded.

“Ever since my family immigrated to the United States, financially, it’s always been a challenge. And I knew going in, that wherever I decided to go to school, I would have to figure out how to pay for it myself,” she says.

That conundrum, which always seemed a distant dilemma, became a concrete hurdle in May of 2004, when Tamara graduated from Kings High School and was staring down the expenses associated with attending the University of Cincinnati that fall.

“My parents, bless their hearts, wanted me to have that authentic ‘living on campus’ experience, and they were able to take out a few loans to make that happen,” Tamara says. The rest was up to her.

Fortunately, her mother had heard about the Hilb Scholarship. Offered by JVS Career Services, the Hilb Scholarship Fund is designed to help students overcome the financial challenges of a post secondary education. Over the course of the next ten years, Tamara was awarded $15,760 in five Hilb scholarships.

Now that her bachelor’s degree in nursing is behind her, Tamara is hard at work earning her master’s degree to become a nurse anesthetist. She says the Hilb scholarships allow her to focus on what’s most important.

“We’re not allowed to work while in this school program, because the schedule and the program are so rigorous,” Tamara explains, detailing her fifty-hour-week class schedule and an additional clinical rotation. “The scholarships from JVS Career Services have allowed me to really focus on my studies, because I have this tremendous responsibility of taking care of patients when they’re in some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. They’re relying on my abilities and my knowledge to get them through those times safely.”

While Tamara has been busy supporting her patients, she says JVS Career Services has been there to support her, in scholarships, and beyond.


“They’re always so supportive, and if they can’t help you, they’ll point you in the direction of other resources that can help you achieve your goal,” Tamara said. “If you show them that you want an education, and you’re willing to work hard, they’ll support you and help you figure out how to get one.”

Tamara is on track to graduate with her masters in December. Once she has her degree, she’ll set her sights on her next goal: giving back.

“The last ten years of my life have been focused on finishing my education. My ultimate goal is to be able to give back to my parents and support them for everything they’ve done for my sister and I. Once I have that done, I will be trying to figure out how I can start giving back to the Jewish community for all they gave me over the years,” Tamara says. “My dream is to give back to another student in the way that the Hilb Scholarships have been able to help me.”

She’s talking, of course, about her education. Her future as a nurse. It’s what her parents wanted for their children. It’s why they left the former Soviet Union, in search of a better life.

“That’s what the scholarships mean to us. They’ve allowed my parents’ dreams for my sister and myself to come true.”

To learn more about Hilb Scholarships, click here, send an email to, or call (513) 936-9675

JVS Career Services 2016 Annual Meeting

JVS Career Services 2016 Annual Meeting

JVS Career Services will celebrate a year of milestone achievements and look forward to future successes at their annual meeting at 7 p.m., on May 31, 2016, at Rockdale Temple.

“This past year has been a record-breaker at JVS Career Services,” said Joni Burton, CEO of JVS Career Services. “Our agency has doubled in size, and transformed into an organization that can truly serve both employers and job-seekers in today’s competitive employment market. From helping college students find internships and network, to helping senior level professionals make that next big move, we’re doing it all, with great success.”

In 2015, clients of JVS Career Services started 228 new jobs, with a combined annualized economic impact of $11.7 million.

“We’re more equipped than ever to come up with a proactive career plan for a client. That’s not just finding a job. That’s helping people reach heights they may never have thought possible. That’s changing lives,” Burton said. “Join us on May 31 to hear how we’re doing it. Big things are happening at JVS Career Services, and our Annual Meeting is a great place to experience the incredible momentum.”

To RSVP for the JVS Career Services Annual Meeting, click here.

JVS Career Services: Jewish Foundation Investment Enables Agency to Expand Efforts

Mike Boberg

By Mike Boberg, Senior Grants Officer, Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati

Over the past two years, The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati has made a significant investment in JVS Career Services to change the landscape for jobseekers, college internships, and employers, both in and outside the Cincinnati Jewish community. This unprecedented investment has allowed the organization to be able to focus on strengthening our Jewish community through its employee recruitment and retention efforts.

Recently, The Jewish Foundation approved an additional $800,500 to support a second level of JVS Career Service’s business development. The new funding has been used to hire an additional career consultant to support job seekers and a recruiter to support the hiring needs of Jewish communal agencies and Cincinnati employers, and to showcase Cincinnati career opportunities to Jewish community members living in other cities. The funding will also be used to implement new technology that will allow JVS Career Services to quickly search and identify job seekers whose skills match qualifications for open positions, and to track workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Jewish Vocational Service, as it was originally known, formed in 1940 to provide Jewish refugees and other members of the Jewish community with vocational guidance and job placement while combating religious workplace discrimination. As it evolved and grew throughout the twentieth century, it began to expand and serve individuals with developmental disabilities. In July of 2012, the programs provided to individuals with disabilities merged with Easter Seals Work Resource Center to form Easter Seals Tristate. During this combination, JVS Career Services emerged as an independent agency continuing as before to serve typical job seekers without regard to religious affiliation or belief.

In response to the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati’s focus on Cincinnati 2020, it became apparent that JVS Career Services should take the lead towards creating a community with reduced Jewish unemployment and more individuals who find employment with the assistance of Jewish connections. JVS Career Services determined that to serve as the lead agency in the employment field, it needed to increase its size to expand and enhance the services it offered. That’s when the agency approached The Jewish Foundation and the Jewish Federation to develop a capacity building plan for delivering on that new mandate.

With two separate grants (the first in 2014 and the second recently approved by The Foundation’s Board), JVS Career Services has been able to add staff, refocus its efforts, and has already had a positive impact on the Jewish community.

Some of the highlights of the JVS Career Services Initiative include:

  •  The hiring of new CEO, Joni Burton, who brings decades of experience in recruiting, staffing and talent management. Prior to heading up JVS Career Services, Ms. Burton served as CEO of ERB Solutions, a permanent placement and staffing company that assisted organizations in recruiting top-notch talent.
  • A collaboration with Cincinnati Hillel and Hillel at Miami University for the creation of Careers Cincinnati, focusing on better connecting Jewish college students with internships
  • A collaboration with Jewish Family Services on a Counselor position that serves both organizations
  • Additional positions covered in part by the grants include:
    • A Managing Director for Career Services
    • Two career consultants
    • A professional business developer
    • A professional recruiter
    • A marketing team

Since implementation of the first grant, JVS Career Services saw monthly job starts steadily increase. During the period of January through December 2015, JVS Career Services clients had 228 job starts, with 71 % of the newly employed clients identifying themselves as Jewish. The economic impact of those 228 jobs, based on the total reported annualized salaries, was roughly $11.7MM. While job starts vary from month to month, JVS Career Services expects to see a continuing upward trend in the number of job starts.

The collaboration with the two Hillels has also yielded very positive outcomes thus far. In 2015, more than 50 students were engaged with the program, which is designed to help Jewish students identify and secure internships. The program has connected with more than 30 employers, 17 of which expressed an interest in hiring a Careers Cincinnati intern. JVS Career Services has been working with Careers Cincinnati applicants on refining their resumes and interview skills, as well as connecting Careers Cincinnati to potential employers. In addition, JVS Career Services provided Hillel students with job search packets so that they present themselves professionally at their internships and jobs.

“We are very grateful for the continued support of The Jewish Foundation,” said JVS Career Services CEO, Joni Burton. “The Foundation’s commitment to help transform JVS into what I believe could become the entire region’s ‘go-to’ job placement and referral organization has already allowed us to have a huge impact on the local Jewish community. We’re excited to continue working towards the community’s 2020 goals through all of our efforts.”

“The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati remains committed to supporting JVS Career Services’ efforts to build a better Jewish Cincinnati by strengthening its workforce and ensuring all Jewish community members have meaningful employment,” said Jewish Foundation President Beth Guttman. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with JVS Career Services and the Federation to ensure the ongoing success of these efforts.”

Mike Boberg, Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Senior Grants Officer, has more than 15 years experience in strengthening the local arts community in a variety of roles including at ArtsWave, where he managed their Projects Grants program and ran the BOARDway Bound leadership initiative. Mike has served on grants review panels for a variety of funders throughout the tristate, including Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (Cleveland), LexArts (Lexington), CultureWorks (Dayton), the Ohio Arts Council (Columbus) and the Kentucky Arts Council (Frankfort). He has also presented on a variety of topics at numerous local and national conferences, including Americans for the Arts. His role at the Jewish Foundation includes working directly with a number of its grantees, from request inception through the final reporting phase of the grant making process.

Who Should Have a Professional Portfolio?…Everyone!

By Dedra Perlmutter, Senior Career Coach and Human Resources Manager, JVS Career Services

Portfolios aren’t just for creative professionals—everyone should have one. Whether you are in an active or passive job search, there’s no better way to showcase yourself than with a portfolio. The benefits are endless, from having it to take with you to an interview, to using it as an organizational tool.

Interviews used to be about showing up and answering the questions appropriately. But these days, it’s all about standing out in a unique and professional way. What better way to answer the common interview question, “what are your strengths?” than to have a portfolio to showcase them. A professional portfolio is a tool that can help bring your stories to life, in a tangible way. By showing physical examples of your work and accomplishments, you’ll be better able to prove your skills and experiences. And, for those who can sometimes let nerves get the better of them during interviews, it’s also a great reminder of some talking points.

What should be included in a portfolio? Traditionally, contents of a portfolio should include your resume, a reference list, any degrees, certifications and licenses, transcripts, proof of training or professional development, assessment results, work samples, performance evaluations, letters of recommendation, accolades, a list of your community involvement, and any association memberships.

It’s important to keep in mind that a portfolio is a work in progress—it continues to evolve over time. I recommend keeping a file somewhere handy to collect additional portfolio materials. For example, you could simply print out emails that speak well about your work and toss them in the file. Then, go through the file every so often and incorporate the best of those emails into your portfolio.

Don’t forget:

  • Including a copy of particular items from your portfolio, along with your job application, is a great way to get noticed!
  • Your portfolio will need to be kept up to date
  • Maintain an electronic copy of your portfolio

Want to learn more? Ready to get started?

Check the JVS Workshops to register for the next available Portfolio Development Workshop.
At this hands-on workshop, JVS Career Services consultants will be there to help you.
You’ll leave with the beginnings of your portfolio.

Dedra Perlmutter, CPRW, SHRM-CP, PHR, is a Senior Career Coach and Human Resources Manager at JVS Career Services. Dedra provides extensive knowledge to clients in the areas of job searching, interviewing, networking, personal branding, image and career strategies. With almost 20 years of HR experience, in a variety of industries, Dedra is well-versed in recruiting and employment, and brings with her “insider knowledge” of what employers are looking for in potential employees. By leading workshops and working with clients individually, Dedra is able to serve as a resource for those that are looking to make a career change or to enhance their current career path.

In addition to utilizing her past experiences, Dedra also works in conjunction with other HR industry professionals to remain up-to-date on current hiring and employment trends. Being able to share knowledge and experiences with clients has proven to be a huge success factor.

Dedra is known for her positive motivation and her upbeat approach to the job search process. She also has a sincere interest in getting to know her clients and helping discover their goals.

Dedra, a Cincinnati native, received her Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Human Resources from Bowling Green State University. Dedra also holds a PHR, Professional Human Resources Certification, a SHRM-CP, Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional, as well as a CPRW, Certified Professional Résumé Writer.

Not Just a Job Search: JVS Career Services Helps Client Find Work-Life Balance

By Robert Oestreicher, Board of Directors Chair, JVS Career Services

Vogel_Liz, head shot

Liz Vogel

Imagine commuting from Cincinnati to Cleveland for work.

The eight-hour round-trip trek at least once every two weeks was part of Liz Vogel’s routine for two years. Why? Because that’s how much she loved her job.

“It was incredibly fun, awesome work, and it was a thrill ride the whole way through,” says the senior-level communications professional, who was working for Mercy Health at the time. She was managing a department of seven in Cleveland while raising an 11-year-old son in Cincinnati.

“I tried to go up to Cleveland every other week initially, and then I tried to do as much as I could from Cincinnati. But really, what that meant was that it wasn’t right for my family or best for the team in Cleveland either—that I couldn’t commit to being there four days a week,” Vogel said.

And then came the breaking point.

“It was the bibliography project!” she said, laughing at the thought of it, and recounting the experience of trying to help her son replace periods with commas over the phone.

“I wasn’t there for him,” she said. “You want to teach your child about how great work can feel when you have a passion for what you’re doing, but you also want to be home enough to give them all the support they need. You come to a point where you realize that you have to have some balance.”

Vogel also began to worry about job security. Her employer had announced a series of organizational changes, including layoffs. She knew she needed to start looking for another job, but just the thought of it was daunting.

“I hadn’t had to hunt for a job in 15 years because all of my previous positions came from relationships I already had in the workplace,” Vogel said. “I knew that positions at my level are fewer and further between, and because I wanted to stay in healthcare, that narrowed it even further.”

Her husband suggested she see what sort of help JVS Career Services could offer, and she found the expertise and compassion she was looking for in Joni Burton and Kim Slaton, JVS Career Services’ CEO and Managing Director, respectively.

“They’re so smart and so professional. And at the same time, they’re so warm and disarming that, while it’s a business relationship, it feels very friendly and collaborative too,” Vogel said. “I felt like I could tell Joni and Kim anything and they would hear it without judgment and offer their complete support and their best professional advice.”

The JVS Career Services team got right to work, helping Vogel refresh her resume, develop talking points for interviews, and compile a list of target employers in Cincinnati.

When a Director of Sales and Marketing position opened up at Cedar Village, Burton and Slaton were among the first to know. They wasted no time sharing news of the opening with Vogel. The interview process was lengthy, but that’s how Vogel knew the opportunity was the right fit for her. Plus, she had the JVS Career Services team assisting her every step of the way—from preparation for the first interview, to help negotiating the right employment package.

“God willing, you’re not going to be searching for a job too many times in your life, so most of us will never be experts at it,” Vogel said. “That’s why it’s so supportive and important to have a team of experts in your corner when you do need to find work.”

But, Vogel pointed out, often a job search is about more than finding work. She credits JVS Career Services with helping her achieve the kind of work-life balance she didn’t think was possible: a job she loves that accommodates her family life, too.

“I get to see the people I’m helping every day. I’m surrounded by staff members who put their whole hearts into the people who come through these doors. And to top it off, my now 13-year-old son had the day off school today. And I was able to go home and have lunch with him!” Vogel marveled. “Because I’m not driving back and forth and I’m not sleeping in hotels, I have a lot more time and energy to put into family life, and ironically, even into work life, too.”

Looking back on the time in her life when four-hour morning commutes were routine and striking a balance wasn’t so easy, Vogel said she has JVS Career Services to thank for helping her find a better way.

“JVS Career Services is really good at helping you identify what matters most so that you’re not just plugging away in another job, but you’re finding a place where you can feel passionate about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with,” Vogel said. “JVS Career Services will help you stay focused on where the future can take you, and the outcome can be incredible.”

UC Graduate New Addition to Jewish Community


Alex Ryb

Our Jewish community has gained a new young professional thanks to the collaboration of Careers Cincinnati and JVS Career Services.

Careers Cincinnati, a joint initiative of Cincinnati Hillel and Hillel at Miami, is a program that provides talented and motivated Jewish college students with paid internship experiences in Cincinnati. Although this program is only in its second year, the combined efforts of JVS Career Services and Careers Cincinnati have already shown potential for a long-term impact on the future young adult cohort in Cincinnati.

Alex Ryb, a Cleveland native who recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati, is now a proud, full-time Cincinnatian thanks to the efforts of Careers Cincinnati and JVS Career Services in helping him land a full-time job in our city.

“Careers Cincinnati working in conjunction with JVS Career Services has had an incredible impact on me. Through the assistance of Ethan Litvin from Careers Cincinnati and Kim Slaton of JVS, I enhanced everything from my image to my interview skills as I pursued a career after graduating from the University of Cincinnati in December, 2015. Ethan and Kim tailored my aspirations into what is now my full-time job as Transaction Coordinator at the Affordable Housing Group of Sperry Van Ness | Levental Realty in Cincinnati. Without these two programs and these two people, I don’t know if I would be where I am today. I cannot thank them enough for all of their help and guidance along the way.”

Careers Cincinnati is funded by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati. The program’s long-term goal is to retain young talent in our community in support of Cincinnati 2020, the Jewish community’s collaboration to build an engaged and empowered Jewish community by the year 2020.

Careers Cincinnati and JVS Career Services are confident that they will continue to advance the objectives of Cincinnati 2020 with more success stories like Alex’s. They are grateful for the support of community members who hire interns within their companies. For more information about Careers Cincinnati, please contact Ethan Litvin at or (252) 425-3723.

JVS Career Services Announces Reorganization of Scholarship Committee

By Sandy Kaltman, Immediate Past Board Chair, JVS Career Services

Scholarship administration is a valuable component of the continuum of services that JVS Career Services provides to members of the Jewish community over the span of their lifetimes. As higher education becomes more and more expensive and, therefore, less and less accessible without significant financial aid, access to scholarships for education makes a big difference to recipients.

“I was surprised to see that I had been awarded such a generous sum of money, and I cannot thank you enough,” wrote one student after receiving a scholarship. “You have no idea how much this grant has already helped me this year. I pay for everything on my own, and with your help I am able to still be in school, study every night, work, and complete my internship. I hope to one day give back to the community.”

The Scholarship Committee that awards grants from the Hilb Scholarship Fund sought to improve the efficiency of the process and to further enhance the impact of the $200,000 worth of scholarships on recipients. As a result, the Committee has revised its procedures to streamline administration and to award larger scholarships to a smaller number of applicants. Administration of the Saidel, Guthman, and Weiss Awards will be reorganized as well.

Along with these administrative changes, the leadership of the Committee has changed. Edie Rau has succeeded Fred Abel as Scholarship Committee Chair. Both Rau and Abel were devoted JVS Career Services board members and board chairs in the past. JVS Career Services is grateful to Mr. Abel for his dedicated and consistent leadership over many years. Longtime Committee member Rhoda Mayerson, another of the committee’s founding members, has also retired. Her many years of service are greatly appreciated as well.

With the rising cost of education, the scholarship funds administered by JVS Career Services are an important community resource. Community members are invited to contribute to existing scholarship funds or to establish new funds.

Scholarship assistance is just one of the many services that JVS Career Services offers to students. The agency also works with students on career coaching and resume writing, networking, and interviewing skills. As students approach the end of their schooling, JVS Career Services helps students find internships and jobs after graduation. For more information, contact JVS Career Services at (513) 936-9675 or