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Supporting Jewish employment in our community since 1940, our agency, formerly known as Jewish Vocational Service, was created to counter antisemitism in the workplace and to assist Jewish refugees, soldiers and veterans, students, and other members of the Jewish community in finding jobs. JVS Career Services continues to lead the community in delivering meaningful employment opportunities for all of Jewish Cincinnati today.

As we have evolved to meet changing community needs, we stay true to our goal of providing the highest level of assistance described by the Jewish sage Maimonides: supporting people seeking employment so that they are not dependent on others.

JVS Career Services provides life-changing career coaching services to job seekers at every stage of their working life. Being without a good job or without a job at all creates tremendous pressure on our clients and their families. During those difficult times, our low cost or free resources and programs transform clients’ lives by guiding them from stress to success.

We also engage with the Cincinnati Jewish community and local businesses through professional recruiting, outplacement, and executive coaching services. Our services impact not only the individual who secures a job, but all of Jewish Cincinnati. Those who are able to provide for themselves and their families rely less on our human service agencies, contribute more to our economy and have greater capacity to give back and strengthen our Jewish organizations and community.

Your legacy gift perpetuates professional employment services that will play a key role in attracting and retaining members of our Cincinnati Jewish community for generations to come.

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If you have already made provisions for JVS Career Services in your will, as beneficiary to your IRA, or though another planned giving vehicle, let us know by filling out this form.


At dinner and other family gatherings, I learned early in life that being Jewish meant helping others less fortunate and using my time and resources to ensure that future generations would be able to enjoy the same kind of vibrant Jewish community our ancestors had provided for us. This is a core value that Randy and I, sitting at our own dinner table, have passed on to our children.

JVS  is in my DNA: as a child, I learned about it from my father who served on the Board; as a teenager, I benefitted from its services which helped me recognize my strengths and identify potential vocational paths.  As a young adult, lunch with Bernie Rosenthal resulted in my joining the Board.  As importantly, it was the beginning of an abiding friendship and life changing mentorship; by word and deed over the ensuing decades, Bernie showed me how to combine work and my commitment to our Jewish community in ways I might never have known.  Then, after his untimely death, I became his successor and enjoyed the most interesting, challenging and rewarding work of my career.  With the combination of Jewish Vocational Service’s publicly funded programs with Easter Seals and the creation of JVS Career Services to focus on the employment needs of individuals and businesses in the Jewish community and beyond, I retired knowing that the agency was well positioned with an engaged board, experienced professional leadership and multiple opportunities to positively impact our Jewish community for years to come.

My legacy commitment honors Randy and our kids, my parents and grandparents, earlier ancestors, and Bernie. I made it proudly, knowing that my commitment will help to ensure that vital services will be available to help people find productive, satisfying careers, thereby strengthening our Jewish community in profound ways for future generations.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” Hillel

—Peter Bloch

Why is my family leaving a legacy gift to JVS Career Services?  To help provide for the future of an organization about which we care deeply. I’ve been on the Board for around ten years and, during that time, I’ve been very involved in the process of transforming JVS Career Services into one of the most impactful Jewish agencies in our community. The work of JVS Career Services lifts people financially and emotionally. It’s clear that jobs are the linchpin of a vibrant Jewish future, creating stability for the entire community in a unique way, both today and in the future. Our Board, staff, donors, community partners, and funders have all worked hard to put JVS Career Services on a path where the future is bright and full of promise.

But fulfilling that promise requires funding, and the current sources of funding aren’t guaranteed over time. As my husband, John, and I talked about the legacy that we want to leave in our community after our many years of involvement, there was never any doubt in my mind that JVS Career Services would be on our list. I want the organization to have the best possible opportunity to continue to thrive and grow. I hope you will consider doing what you can to give JVS Career Services that opportunity.

—Sandy Kaltman

When I moved back to Cincinnati and was embarking on a new career I was so lucky to have found JVS Career Services. They gave me the direction and confidence I needed in my job search and I knew they were in my corner when I needed them. Having their support during this transitional time made all the difference to me and I was so happy to find a way to not only give back to this organization, but now, through our legacy gift, I am able to ensure JVS Career Services will be around to help future generations. Our legacy gift allowed me to make a more significant impact than I otherwise would have been able to and it shows my children that there are many ways to give back to our community and ensure its future success.

—Vallie Freeman


Updated 7/1/21



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We all strive to leave the world a better place – through our children, our good deeds, our generosity.

With a legacy gift, your impact can continue beyond you lifetime. In a hundred years, you can still be changing lives.

This could be the most important gift you ever make.

Many of our supporters, like you, have made a gift to the Jewish community in their will, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. To learn more, or if you have already established a legacy gift, please contact our office at careerservices@jvscareers.org or (513) 936-9675.