Despite Record Unemployment, JVS Career Services Continues to Help Find Work

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“I was laid off before the COVID-19 crisis happened,” said JVS Career Services client Dustin. “What I have found is that many HR departments are focused on handling COVID-19 instead of trying to figure out how to interview and hire people online.”
When Dustin lost his job at the end of 2019, he reached out to JVS Career Services to help him get back to work. Dustin was connected with career coach Christine Olsen and began working on redeveloping interview skills. “I hadn’t been on a job interview in 22 years,” Dustin said. “Christine has been very helpful in refreshing everything I need to know about the interview process, and I now feel much better about my ability to connect with an interviewer and how to present myself in the best way.”
Dustin found himself entering a job market that looks very different from the one he last saw in 1998. “At that time, I put on my suit and I drove to the interviews. The only thing I was able to talk about was my college career. Now I’m able to talk to employers about all of the projects I’ve been a part of and how I was able to help the company.” Outside of his resume and experience, job hunting is now mostly done online with the first several steps taking place without ever speaking to someone. “Christine was able to help me with tips on how to interview online and how to get noticed, but it went beyond just knowing how to set up a camera and have a clean background.”
“Not only did she help me learn how to have successful virtual interviews, Christine helped me with the types of questions I may be asked, and we did practice interviews. She taught me how to word every answer in a way that shows the interviewer what they really want to know.”
Not only did Christine help Dustin polish his interview skills during the COVID-19 lockdown, she set him up with online professional development classes. “There were several she showed me, and I got to pick the ones that I was most interested in. I chose LinkedIn Learning and it turns out that one is not only thorough, but it shows interviewers that I’ve had those classes, and it was very helpful for getting me noticed.”
For the last 80 years JVS Career Services has been connecting Cincinnati residents with new careers, and those decades of experience are now more valuable than ever. The current national unemployment rate is at its highest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s, but that doesn’t mean that jobs are impossible to find. Dustin has had three interviews; the most recent being with a company he is very excited about.
“It seems like a perfect fit. I’m really excited that the opportunity I’ve found will place me in a company with a lot of people working with the technology that I am skilled in. I didn’t know a company like this existed in Cincinnati.”
On the reception desk at the JVS Career Services office sits a large bell hop bell, and one of the traditions is to have clients come in and ring the bell after they have accepted a new position. Dustin said that he is hopeful he will be hired on by the company he is interviewing with, “and I can’t wait to get back to the JVSCS office and ring that bell. I’ll probably do a conga line around the office, I’ll be so excited. JVS Career Services really is the best place to get yourself in shape if you’re looking for a job. There’s no question about it.”

JVS Career Services is currently offering free virtual career coaching sessions to anyone experiencing hardship due to COVID-19 in addition to offering free webinars both live and archived free to any job seeker. To get in touch and start your process, contact JVS or reach out by phone at 513-936-9675.