Job Candidate Profile: Meet Mindy

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After spending ten years as a full-time volunteer and fundraiser, Mindy wanted to get back into the “working world.” Not knowing how to get started, Mindy followed the advice of several of her friends and reached out to JVS Career Services. She was quickly connected to Dedra, a career coach, and began her job search.

Like many people, Mindy came to JVS Career Services lacking confidence in her skillset and downplaying her experience, particularly as a volunteer. However, after reviewing every project and agency she has volunteered for, she soon realized how much value she could add to an organization. In addition, Mindy had a very successful sales career prior to her fundraising and volunteer days. She learned she had developed valuable skills in her personal life as well. While helping close family members through the challenges of aging, Mindy discovered she has a passion for working with older adults. Not only that—she learned how to navigate her way through moving, healthcare, financials, and family dynamics.

By articulating her past experiences and interests, Mindy came to the conclusion that she wanted a role that merged the two—sales and the older adult community. Then she had to figure out how to turn that vision into a reality. Working with Dedra at JVS Career Services, she was able to craft a stellar resume, highlighting her unique skills. From there, it was networking, networking, networking! Dedra created a list of local companies Mindy could reach out to in order to grow her network within her industry of interest. Mindy was able to secure meetings and phone calls with several companies, and she prepared herself to confidently speak about the value she could bring to those organizations.

After a few weeks, Mindy contacted Dedra with an exciting report. She had several positive conversations and met with one company that she fell in love with—Queen City Transitions.  She met with the owner, Betsy Goldfarb, who, despite not having an open position, was willing to share her expertise. To Mindy’s surprise, Betsy contacted her shortly after their meeting letting her know how apparent it was that Mindy would be a huge asset to the company. She invited Mindy to come back for an interview, and from there, they created a new role for Mindy!

Mindy was able to rely on Dedra to walk her through the onboarding process and answer any questions that she had, from writing thank you notes to beginning her new position. Mindy is now a successful Sales Manager with Queen City Transitions and loves going to work every day.

When Betsy was asked about adding Mindy to her team, she said, “Her innate passion for what we do was noticeable from the beginning, and when the right person is introduced to the right business and put in the right role, it can lead to great results. Mindy has been a vital part of achieving those great results.”

JVS Career Services provided Mindy the confidence, guidance, and expertise that she was looking for during her career transition, and at the same time, helped a local small business add a valuable member to their team.