Assistant Director of Adult Services

Redwood - Full Time

Job #22338


Position Summary:

This position provides support to the Director of Adult Day Services to address and document the essential functions of program development and implementation, personnel management, business development, innovation, and regulatory compliance.

These essential functions require visual/hearing acuity, sufficient strength, and the ability to bend, reach, grasp, manipulate objects, pull/push, stoop, kneel, crouch, twist, and lift and and/or carry 20 pounds or exert up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 50 pounds of force occasionally to move objects or human bodies, with or without the use of adaptive equipment.  Lifting forces vary with adult weight and level of ability to assist in the movement.

Individuals holding this position are required to attend initial orientation and periodic training offered by Redwood, and to complete all training required by Redwood or regulation.  Staff members demonstrate accuracy, timeliness, and a commitment to quality, safety and a healthy, clean and orderly environment in compliance with applicable policies, procedures, regulations, licensing, certification, accreditation, and business integrity standards.

Program Development, Implementation, and Outcomes Management

  • Provides input for the development and implementation of Strategic Action Plans relevant to the department to support achievement of the Strategic Plan.
  • Keeps abreast of and is responsive to regional and national program trends.
  • Recommends and implements changes or innovations to meet existing, new, and/or emerging needs of participants.
  • Serves as a resource to staff for the creation of ecological inventories/task analyses; adaptation of age-appropriate activities to meet developmental needs; selection of effective prompting/fading strategies; design, layout, and modification of rooms, materials, equipment, and program environment; use of assistive technology; and development of performance charts to document new skills.
  • Supports the director in marketing the program and admitting potential clients as assigned.
  • Builds new business by sourcing area employers to increase financial support and expand the program’s services. This includes onsite & offsite VDT jobs, Pre-ETS job locations and CES job placement partners.
  • Collaborates with the director to complete consumer assessments to determine preferences, and to identify strengths and skill deficits in communication, cognitive/sensory, self-care, daily living, mobility, eating, leisure, and behavior/socialization skills.
  • Assists in the development of Individual Support Plans or Plans of Care, in collaboration with adults, families, division staff, service providers, support coordinating agencies, and funders, as assigned.
  • Maintains active knowledge of individual Crisis Plans and shares information with program staff.
  • Conducts Support Plan or Plan of Care reviews with staff.
  • Communicates plan changes to families and support coordinators in the absence of the director.
  • Monitors that staff have relevant knowledge of program participants through review of files, assessments, individualized objectives, and performance data.
  • Supports a culture that encourages individual choice, self-determination, and age appropriate pursuits and roles, with a focus on preserving dignity, respecting rights, and meeting human needs.
  • Supervises the delivery and documentation of culturally appropriate person-centered services and supports by the activity specialist, team leaders, and adult mentors, that align with individual support plans, address care needs, and promote development of targeted skills leading to the acquisition, improvement and/or retention of skills and abilities required for community participation.
  • Holds staff responsible for constructive use of each participant’s time.
  • Monitors that community-based activities, planned/provided by the activity specialist, team leaders, and adult mentors, allow participation in meaningful and valued community-life routines, access to community resources, and increased interaction with members of the general population.
  • Collaborates with internal departments to schedule/deliver additional services based on adult preference and needs, i.e. nursing, dietary, therapy, behavior supports, or assistive technology.
  • Supervises the maintenance of a clean and orderly program environment and adherence to safety policies to support individual well-being and minimize risk of harm.
  • Refers adults showing signs of illness to nurses for a health screen. Contact families/residential providers about adult health issues in the absence of the director.
  • Communicates health and safety concerns to the director.
  • Seeks input and promotes ongoing information exchange with families and residential providers to meet adult needs.
  • Provides support for investigation and resolution of complaints of participants or families in collaboration with and at the direction of the director.
  • Leads planning effort for dances and other activities to promote social skill development of adults.
  • Implements systems to collect and utilize program data to manage and improve service delivery.
  • Attends meetings and provides supervision for direct reports and program staff.
  • Represents the division for interagency collaborations, partnerships, case conferences, and services on interdisciplinary professional teams both on and off site, at the request of the director.
  • Assists with client care as needed.
  • Performs other functions as assigned.

Fund and Business Development

  • Fosters positive relationships with case management, residential, home health agencies, support-coordination agencies, schools, referral/funding organizations and other community partners.
  • Completes or oversees the completion of required reports including service data, program descriptions, summary reports, and related documentation required by Medicaid and other funders.
  • Holds staff accountable for maintaining and providing accurate and timely service information to the Business Office to support the completion of authorizations for funding and billing.
  • Performs other functions as assigned.

Personnel Management

  • Assists the program manager in orienting, training, coaching, and supervising staff. Supports Program Manager in the evaluations of team leaders and DSPs.
  • Supports high quality staff performance by scheduling participation in training programs, by reviewing information in manuals and other materials that provide step-by-step explanations of how work is to be performed, and by providing individualized instruction on the needs of adults to whom the employee provides services and supports.
  • In collaboration with Program Manager, leads or conducts of all required initial and annual training of program staff, as required by regulation, to include individualized instruction on the needs of adults to whom the employee provides services and supports
  • Monitors ongoing training needs for Adult Services staff and in collaboration with training specialist ensures that all required trainings are complete and updated (monthly, CPI, CPR, CODS)
  • Mentors staff for improved performance and provides progressive discipline as appropriate.
  • Schedules staff and substitute workers.  Approves "leave" days.  Reviews/approves employee time sheets.
  • In collaboration with Program Manager, monitors accurate and timely record keeping of staff for daily charting,
monthly summary notes, attendance records, lunch forms, and incident reports.
  • Participates actively in staff meetings to support planning, progress monitoring, and address problems.
  • Conveys expectation for staff to collaborate with departments/organizations to promote innovation, resolve problems, and optimize limited resources.
  • Oversees/holds staff accountable for safeguarding material assets.
  • Provides training and implements safety precautions and procedures to assure the safety of adults and staff.
  • Serves as a resource to staff of other divisions through formal and informal training in areas of expertise.
  • Oversees, provides supervision, and/or mentors service learners or practicum students.
  • Ensures full and effective use of volunteer support for the division.
  • Performs other functions as assigned.
Expectations for Leadership Skills
  • Manages change in a well-planned manner consistent with Redwood’s culture and capability to respond to change.
  • Possesses critical thinking and problem-solving skills with attention to detail.
  • Communicates effectively with individuals and/or groups in both private and public environments.
  • Makes timely and effective decisions in the absence of perfect information.
  • Demonstrates flexibility when seeking solutions.
  • Models appropriate culture for division in alignment with Redwood’s mission, vision, philosophy, values and standards.
  • Values cultural diversity. Implements practices to best recognize and use individual abilities, skills and characteristics.
  • Employs active listening skills and effective time management skills.
  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal communication skills to foster positive working relationships with others.
  • Maintains personal accountability in order to achieve results.
  • Negotiates agreement between internal and external stakeholders and facilitates conflict resolution.
  • Promotes effective business and public relations for the agency by representing Redwood on request.


Required Education and Experience:

College course work or degree in special education, psychology, social work, human services, related field, or equivalent of at least three years management experience in programs for adults with multiple disabilities strongly preferred.  Behavior management skills and CPR\First aid certification are an added benefit.

Applicant must demonstrate:
  • Broad knowledge and excellent skills in program development/implementation for adults with multiple disabilities.
  • Administrative, leadership, and team building qualities with experience in personnel management.
  • Proficiency with computer applications relevant to the position.
  • A willingness to develop and sharpen skills necessary for effective performance
  • Initiative (self starter), planning and organizational skills, ability to handle multiple priorities with a strategic focus, and complete follow through on job tasks
  • Hearing, vision, and physical strength and ability to perform described essential functions, with or without use of adaptive devices.
  • Reading, writing, spelling, and math abilities for accurate completion of work tasks.
  • Receptive/expressive language, written communication, and interpersonal skills to communicate clearly.
  • Professionalism in appearance, actions and behaviors in keeping with assigned role
  • Commitment to Redwood’s mission, vision, philosophy, values, and standards
  • Respect for children, adults, and families without discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or other legally protected characteristic.
  • A willingness to work as part of a team.
  • Reliable transportation to/from work and to complete out-of-building duties.
  • Acceptable Criminal Background check, Child Abuse & Neglect Registry check and check of KY Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Attainment of CPR and First Aid certification within 90 days of start date, and maintenance of annual certification.
  • A caring, nurturing, encouraging and patient attitude with children and adults.


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