Cincinnati Fellow in Israel

Masa - Fellowship

Job #16188


About the Job The Cincy Fellow is a 10-month commitment to volunteering in Israel within the programs of the Masa Israel Teaching Fellow program in combination with volunteer work component in the Partnership 2Gether Netanya/Cincinnati. As such the candidate must meet all Masa Grant eligibility criteria and must be mature, skilled, knowledgeable enough, and able to take initiative to perform the volunteer work necessary to bring American culture and Jewish pluralism programs to Netanya.   This project works to bridge the people of Cincinnati and Netanya by bringing one post-college young adult to Netanya for a year to teach about American culture, Jewish life in the USA, Jewish Pluralism, and further the Jewish Peoplehood agenda.   The goal of creating personal connections between communities of Cincinnati and Netanya, the Diaspora and Israel is achieved through these objectives:  
  • To enhance Israeli understanding and knowledge about life as a Jew in the Diaspora, specifically the USA and Cincinnati
  • To teach American culture and American Jewish life to Netanya schools and young adults and families.
  • To expand the exposure of Jewish Pluralism in Netanya
  • Increased knowledge about and understanding of the commitment and concerns that Jews in the USA have for Judaism and Israel.


  • Identify as Jewish
  • Have a Cincinnati connection and either live currently or be raised in Cincinnati.
  • Alternatively, the candidate can be a graduate of the area universities (eg: UC or Miami University)
  • Have a Bachelor's degree by September 1 2019, between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Have been to Israel previously
  • Previous leadership roles
  • Experience creating programs, curriculum
  • Teen and/or youth experience or interest
  • Some Hebrew proficiency
  • Commitment to Israel
  • Maturity to handle a year abroad
  • Meet Masa Grant Eligibility:
  • Not have Israeli citizenship OR if you do, you must have left Israel before the age of 14 and have lived outside of Israel for at least four consecutive years prior to receiving your grant
  • Have not been on an organized program (including an academic program) of more than four months in Israel since September 2004
  • Have not spent 4 consecutive months or longer in Israel within the 24 month period prior to the start of your chosen Masa program after the age of 18.


Education, Nonprofit - Social Services, Teaching, Teaching, Youth Services