Digital Marketing Intern/Co-Op (Spring 2019, Summer 2019 and Fall 2019)

Eccrine Systems, Inc. - Full Time/Part Time

Job #15273


Eccrine Systems is a Cincinnati-based biotech start-up developing non-invasive, electronic wearable systems that measure and transmit real-time data about human sweat. The ability to monitor sweat biomarkers with chronological accuracy is the key to attaining market-enabling improvements in the predictive value of non-invasive wearables data - across a wide spectrum of applications for medicine, industry, and sport.  

Seeking highly-motivated, entrepreneurial Digital Marketing Co-ops.

Position:  Part-time or Full-Time*
  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Digital Marketing Co-Op will support a range of initiatives including product launch activities and content migration of Website content development.  Specifically, the Digital Marketing Co-op will be responsible for:
  • Coordination of and assistance with Marketing activities, including the coordination and support of digital activities
  • Support of digital initiatives with internal and external partners
  • Social monitoring and content
  • Assistance in updating brand pages and other assets within multiple platforms


Seeking candidates with at least 2 years coursework and enrollment with an accredited degree in Marketing, Communications, Business Administration or a related discipline.


Digital Media, Internship, Marketing