Intelligence Analyst

Jewish Federation of Cincinnati - Full Time

Job #22363



The Intelligence Analyst (IA) vigorously monitors all publicly available information sources to collect intelligence on activity that is antithetical to the Jewish Community. The IA organizes and collates appropriate information and regularly produces clear, concise and accurate reports (both oral and written) for a variety of different purposes and audiences.  The IA also researches, drafts and delivers original products based on needs and/or current events.  The IA is expected to develop solid professional relationships with partner Federations and law enforcement agencies for the purpose of obtaining, developing and sharing appropriate intelligence information.

  • Monitor publicly available (open) sources, including but not limited to the Internet (including the dark and deep web), social media, TV/print (mass) media, public events, etc. to identify and collect information pertinent to the Center’s mission;
  • Apply appropriate analytical tools, databases and methodology as well as strong critical thinking skills to identify trends, patterns and/or relationships that may pose a potential threat or adverse activity affecting the community;
  • Provide clear, concise and factually accurate oral and written assessments, reports, notices, presentations and bulletins on a daily, weekly and/or an immediate basis as situations dictate;
  • Acquire, organize and maintain current and historical information pertaining to existential or recurring threats, adverse actions or potentially hostile activities or persons;
  • Develop solid professional relationships with our partner Federations, law enforcement and intelligence agencies;
  • Continually assess/reassess, develop and improve technological and methodical practices and analytics to maintain proficiency and accuracy; evaluate, acquire and/or implement new collection tools, technological platforms and methodologies;
  • Provide assistance with a myriad of clerical duties, including but not limited to assistance in preparing for meetings, coordinating/organizing conferences, preparing semi-annual and annual reports, assisting with budgetary issues, and other assigned administrative tasks;
  • Maintain, respect and operate within the confines of compartmentalized, discrete and/or sensitive information, including classified information;


  • Bachelor’s Degree, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, in International Relations, Intelligence, Government, Law, or a related field with a focus on security;
  • Previous relevant experience as an Analyst or Associate in the security intelligence or security consulting field (prior experience with military or law enforcement preferred);
  • Practicable experience and/or strong knowledge in utilizing a wide range of tools and methodologies for the purpose of conducting effective Internet-based open source intelligence analysis and extrapolation (i.e., formal training in recognized analytical tools such as Maltego, i2 Notebook, iBase and Analysis Training);
  • Extensive and current knowledge of reviewing, analyzing and extrapolating pertinent intelligence information from social media platforms;
  • Ability to handle confidential matters with appropriate sensitivity, discretion, and professionalism. Demonstrated poise, tact, and diplomacy;
  • Demonstrable writing proficiency in accuracy, clarity, precision and volume.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong understanding of current events, intelligence and the threats facing the Jewish community at large is beneficial
  • Ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with co-workers; must work well in a team environment and be proactive in developing new projects and approaches;
  • Ability to work independently, with limited oversight, and continue to produce excellent work product; able to demonstrate an ability to effectively and successfully manage individual workload and prioritize tasks appropriately;
  • Advanced experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).  Experience using email, internet, and telephone systems. Experience with Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive preferred;
  • Salary range $60,000-65,000


Data Analysis