Kitchen Manager

Northern Hills Synagogue - Part Time

Job #18774


The Kitchen Manager reports to the Rabbi, the Engagement Program Director, and the Vice President of Facilities. The Kitchen Manager coordinates the services of the mashgiach (under direction of the Rabbi), supervises the kitchen volunteers and staff, and manages the kitchen as well as areas of the building in which food is frequently served (to include the Social Hall & Lobby).

Responsibilities include:
Manage Kitchen and Catering:
  • Coordinate and manage the Kitchen and Food Service Areas including the equipment and food preparation.
  • Conduct and oversee food preparation to ensure quality and adherence to kashrut laws as outlined by the Rabbi.
  • Work with committee heads and NHS organizations (e.g. Ritual, HaZak, Spark School, Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Soup Kitchen, etc.) to plan and prepare meals/snacks for scheduled programs.
  • Communicate with individuals and families to determine catering needs for Life Cycle Events.  Negotiate contracts for upcoming events at which food will be served as requested by the families or other parties.
  • Collaborate with parties requesting an event to collect and document detailed program needs related to facility, equipment, and food.  Assess needs using planning forms which may include a building usage form, rental space agreements, forms used internally to describe an event and its elements.
  • Design, coordinate, arrange, manage and implement the catering events in accordance to the selected food/decorating details.Supervise outside caterers including completion of the approved written contracts for outside events and caterers after an authorized officer signs the contract.
  • Supervise volunteers who assist in the Kitchen and/or Food Service Areas.
Maintain Kitchen and Food Service Areas:
  • Maintain Kitchen equipment functionality and cleanliness.
  • Facilitate setup and cleanup for all NHS events.
  • Monitor working status of Kitchen equipment and facilitate replacement or repair as necessary.  Complete a regular walk-through of the Kitchen to identify any potential issues.
  • When repairs are needed, communicate with Rabbi and NHS Vice President of Facilities to obtain work authorization.  Aid in selection and supervision of repair service providers while adhering to the budget provided.
  • Launder linens, clean Kitchen including counter tops and all equipment, vacuum and other light cleaning duties not otherwise handled by the cleaning contractors.
  • Maintain an inventory of perishable and non-perishable kitchen supplies.  Purchase replacements as needed to avoid shortage by conducting or delegating shopping needs.  Adhere to budget by comparison of vendors prior to purchasing.
Kitchen Accounting:
  • Assist in development of standard pricing for menus and requested food items.
  • Record food purchases to their corresponding synagogue programs (Ritual, Soup Kitchen, Gemulit Hassidim, or Funerals, Sisterhood or Men’s Club) or catering events.
  • Build and maintain vendor relationships.
  • Record attendance at paid events where food is served and deliver the results to the Synagogue’s financial officer in order to invoice attendees who have not prepaid.
Identify and create contracts for events and programs after receiving approval from Rabbi, Program Director, Educator and/or Executive Board member.



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