Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Northern Hills Synagogue - Part Time

Job #20844



  Working closely with our professional staff and volunteers, this position will provide a variety of technical and administrative duties and assignments related to the overall management, planning, organizing, coordinating and producing our Synagogue’s marketing and communications materials.

  This is a part-time hourly position: an average of 10-17 hours per week


Our marketing and communications coordinator will develop, create, edit, proofread, design, update, and post a variety of communications on a variety of platforms. These activities include
  • Working with our professional staff and volunteer officers and chairs to create the marketing and communications calendar of activities, and then coordinate the preparation of information used to market and publicize those activities
  • Prepare and distribute our regular weekly communications to members about services, activities, and events
  • Manage our Synagogue website and Facebook page so that our website displays current information about our Synagogue and its activities
  • Coordinate the preparation of publicity, invitations, and communications for our Synagogue’s high profile fundraising, educational, and social events
  • Prepare news flashes, press releases, online calendar notices on other social media platforms


  • Exceptional communications and customer service skills, including demonstrated writing and composition skills
  • • Must be able to work under deadlines and manage multiple projects.
  • Familiarity with the software, hardware, and digital platforms our Synagogue uses, which include:
    • Constant Contact
    • Webpage and Facebook
    • Google Forms, Microsoft Office
    • Adobe suite of communications products
    • Google Analytics
  • At least one year of documented work experience in the digital marketing and communications or related fields
  • Demonstrated high writing and compositional skills
  • Knowledge of (or willingness to learn) the rhythm and content of our Synagogue’s Jewish religious practices, service content, the Jewish holidays and Jewish observances
  • Must pass background check


Communications, Marketing