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Camp Livingston is a residential summer camp in Bennington, IN that serves 300 campers, ages 7-18, and employs over 60 staff, 18 and older. Camp Livingston has provided life changing summers and the opportunity for growth for children and young adults since 1920.

We are seeking an organized, highly motivated individual to join our team as a Unit Head. This job description is for three individual positions, the Golan Unit Head (Grades 2-5), the Masada Unit Head (Grades 6-7) and the Chalutzim Unit Head (Grades 8-9). Unit Heads supervise a specific age group of campers and assigned counselors and specialist counselors at camp. Ideally, this person would have experience in and a passion for working with children in their age group.

Dates of employment are May 31-August 6, with 6 days off throughout their time at camp. The Unit Head(s) will report directly to the Assistant Director and is a member of the summer senior management team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Staff Management
    1. Assist in the implementation of staff orientation.
    2. Identify specific needs of staff and implement plans to address their needs.
    3. Schedule regular meetings with individual staff and staff groups.
    4. Help the Assistant Director and the Camp Director in identifying group needs of the whole staff and suggest options to meet their needs.
    5. Maintain documentation of staff development.
    6. Regularly observe staff interactions in cabins, dining hall, activities, and program areas throughout camp.
    7. Provide regular informal and formal feedback to staff, including written evaluations twice per session (four times per summer).
  1. Camper Management
    1. Review camper files with Assistant Director, Camp Director, Community Life Director, and Camp Nurses to determine specific needs of the individual camper and to provide staff with appropriate information.
    2. Meet with counselors regularly to check that campers are participating in camp programs and are doing well socially, emotionally, and physically.
    3. Help manage camper satisfaction.
    4. Help manage challenges in cabin or group dynamics.
    5. Complete assigned calls to families and communicate with families as needed throughout the camp session.
    6. Observe general camp activities and programs, participating with campers and staff whenever possible.
    7. Observe camper’s grooming and personal care – bring concerns to attention of counselors and/or supervisor.
    8. Ensure that campers are sending mail home and receiving mail from home.
    9. Review all assigned camper reports (completed by staff) and meet daily with camper care team to review.
  1. Programming
    1. Plan and implement unit evening programs (up to 8 per session), working with Programming Team to ensure activities are engaging and developmentally appropriate.
    2. Plan rainy day programs for unit and implement as needed.
    3. Lead the planning and implementation of one all camp special day program.
    4. Lead the unit overnight or trip (on and/or off site).
    5. Manage the unit bunk night program, coordinating schedules, ensuring supply and food requests are submitted on time.
  2. Other
    1. Share in overall administrative responsibilities at camp.
    2. Complete regular Senior Staff duties.
    3. Any other duties as deemed necessary by supervisor or Executive Director.
    4. Must adhere to all other code of conduct as outlined in the staff handbook.



  1. At least 21 years of age or entering senior year of college or equivalent youth work experience.
  2. Previous experience working in a summer camp is highly
  3. Highly organized, punctual, and possess word processing, email, phone, simple online form and database managing skills.
  4. Understanding of Customer Service.
  5. Must be able to work in a flexible and team driven work environment.
  6. Strong communication skills.
  7. High degree of self-motivation and capable of working independently.
  8. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with campers, parents, staff, and community partners.
  9. Some management experience is preferred.
  10. Ability to calmly and confidently respond to emergency situations and manage crises should they arise.
  11. Ability to resolve conflicts and perform as a leader in a fast-paced and demanding work environment.


  1. Salary dependent upon level of education and experience.
  2. Room and board included in summer position.