JVS Career Services helps a stay-at-home mom get back to work

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“I get up every day and I get to do a job that I love. I’d rate it a 10; that’s how much I love it.”

For Mindy Ellis, reentering the job market was a daunting task. She had been a stay-at-home mom for more than twenty years, when she found herself in need of a full-time job. Not knowing how to get started, Mindy followed the advice of several of her friends and reached out to JVS Career Services. She was quickly connected to Dedra, a career coach, and began her job search.

“I was very apprehensive about re-entering the job market. I was competing against people half my age.”

In addition to staying at home and caring for her two boys, Mindy was a full-time volunteer and fundraiser for Cincinnati-area non-profits.

Before she reached out to JVS Career Services, Mindy had started her own company with a partner. They were helping seniors and baby boomers with decisions regarding their independence and end-of-life planning. While Mindy loved the work, she was looking for a role that offered a steady salary. That’s when she reached out to Dedra at JVS Career Services.

“I knew I needed a job that offered a lot of flexibility. I wasn’t going to be happy in an 8:00 to 5:00 job. Dedra helped me regain my confidence and helped me put together an amazing resume. And she had an unbelievable network.”

With the help of Dedra and JVS Career Services, she was able to focus her past experiences and interests and highlight the many skills she could bring to an employer. Working with Dedra she was able to craft a stellar resume, highlighting her unique skills. From there, it was networking and connecting.

Dedra put together a list of local companies Mindy could reach out to, and she was able to speak with several managers. Thanks to that networking, she was able to confidently speak what she could bring to a company.

After several weeks Dedra put her in touch with Betsy Goldfarb, who is the owner of Queen City Transitions; a company that provides transitional support for seniors.

“When I first contacted Queen City Transitions, they didn’t have a position for me. In fact, they had never had a sales rep before, but Betsy called me back and said she was going to create a job for me.”

Dedra then helped Mindy with the onboarding process and helped answer any questions she had –from writing thank you notes to starting her new position. Mindy is now a successful Sales Manager with Queen City Transitions and she says she can’t imagine doing anything else.

When Betsy was asked about adding Mindy to her team, she said, “Her innate passion for what we do was noticeable from the beginning, and when the right person is introduced to the right business and put in the right role, it can lead to great results. Mindy has been a vital part of achieving those great results.”

JVS Career Services provided Mindy the confidence, guidance, and expertise that she was looking for during her career transition, and at the same time, helped a local small business add a valuable member to their team.

“Thank you Dedra and the rest of the JVS Career Services team for helping me get my job.”

To learn more about JVS Career Services’ career coaching, contact us, email careerservices@jvscareers.org, or call (513) 936-9675