Part of the family: JVS Career Services’ recruiting helps Viking Partners reach new heights

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“We try to run the business like a family,” says Bret Caller, CEO of Viking Partners, a Cincinnati commercial real estate company. That “family” has quadrupled in size over the last decade.

It’s quite the human resources feat.

“We don’t have an HR department. You’re looking at her,” says Jennifer Ehrhardt, the company’s CFO.

Caller and Ehrhardt say they couldn’t have successfully expanded without the right partners to help them recruit the right people.

“When we first started the company, there were only four or five of us, and over the last eight years, we’ve grown to 20 people. Since working with JVS Career Services, they have provided significant support with this growth, including successfully recruiting talent for three key positions at Viking Partners this year,” Caller says.

“We have worked with recruiting agencies that didn’t provide as many qualified candidates,” Caller says. “And as soon as we signed on with JVS Career Services, they sent me three or four resumes right away.”

It wasn’t just a quantity upgrade, but a quality upgrade, as well.

“They sent us people who were screened— people they thought were a good fit for our culture and could deliver what we needed,” says Ehrhardt.

She credits JVS Career Service’s successful recruiting to their unique position in the Cincinnati job market.

“JVS Career Services knows who’s living here and they have a pretty good sense of who’s moving here because they’re based here,” Ehrhardt says. “This provides JVS Career Services a real advantage over out-of-town recruiting agencies.”

Both Caller and Ehrhardt were impressed with how fast the hiring process was with JVS Career Services helping. They say without JVS Career Services’ help, it used to take them six to ten weeks to find and hire the right person.

“If we ourselves posted a job on LinkedIn, we’d probably get hundreds of resumes that we’d have to look through and screen. You’re looking at hours and hours of work, and then phone screening and interviews. With JVS Career Services, it only took two weeks and we had our candidate,” says Ehrhardt.

“When I communicate with JVS Career Services about what we need, I know they understand. They understand our culture. They’ve been in our office. They know what will work here,” adds Caller. “They’re fast to make good marriages.”

Caller says he’s been so impressed with JVS Career Services, that he’s come to trust them with referrals too. As a well-connected member of the business community, Caller says he gets frequent calls from people looking for a new job, or to move up in their careers.

“I send those resumes to JVS Career Services. A career consultant usually calls them within 24 hours—and I don’t hear from them again,” Caller says. “These are people looking for high paying jobs in some cases. JVS Career Services is the nucleus of career services. It’s a great referral.”

Ehrhardt is looking forward to next summer, when Viking Partners plan to use JVS Career Services to help them find qualified interns, and create an internship program.

“We don’t have a hard time finding interns, it’s just finding interns who have studied in our area and are interested in real estate, and that’s what they’re going to make sure that we get,” she says.

The service is free to businesses, and Ehrhardt says it’s a great fit for their company because JVS creates an intern community, that they, as a smaller business, can’t provide.

“They coordinate intern outings to Reds games other leadership activities,” she says. “They make it a really enriching experience for interns, which benefits us too.”

Looking at the future of Viking Partners, both Caller and Ehrhardt agree that JVS Career Services has become part of their corporate “family” — invested in helping them take their business to the next level.

“They have become a trusted, valued partner. They are part of our growth plan—whether that’s through interns or a higher-level position,” Caller says. “We’re going to look to JVS Career Services to help fill that role first.”

For more information about JVS Career Services recruiting capabilities, please contact Senior Business Development Manager, Peter Landesman by phone (513) 745-2905, or email

Peter Landesman, Senior Business Development Manager and Career Coach, comes to JVS Career Services after 40 years as a marketing and marketing communications professional. Peter has worked in a wide variety of industries that include consumer packaged goods, retail, publishing, healthcare, information technology, private aviation, professional services, and employee benefits. He has worked for well-known companies such as World Book Encyclopedia, JCPenney, American Heart Association, NCR, and NetJets.

Peter has passionately pursued and welcomed opportunities to assist individuals with their careers and share connections that lead to the next step in their journey.  In addition to fulfilling a volunteer role with many JVS Career Services clients, Peter co-facilitates the American Marketing Association’s Career Transition Group. Among his other non-profit activities, Peter served on the Governing Board of the WE Lead Athena Program and continues to serve on the Steering Committee of the Greater Cincinnati HR Collaborative.