Redefine Retirement: Protect Yourself! Cyber Security and Identity Theft | Mark Dowd

Cyber criminals are using complex identity fraud schemes, and leaving record numbers of victims in their wake. In 2017 alone, 16.7 million people fell victim to these attacks. As businesses increasingly depend on electronic data and computer networks to run their daily operations, growing pools of personal and financial information are being transferred and stored online. This can leave people exposed when a breach in data security happens. Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and cyber crimes. Plus, find out what to do in the event that you are one of the millions of people who fall victim to these crimes.

This evening includes a 30-minute happy hour and a 60-minute presentation.

Location: Mayerson JCC | 8485 Ridge Road | Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Date: March 26, 2019
Time: 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Check out pictures from the event here.

Mark DowdMark Dowd is the Director of Community Security for SAFE Cincinnati. SAFE Cincinnati is a community-wide initiative to improve Jewish Cincinnati’s readiness to deal with security threats, emergencies, and natural disasters.

Dowd brings a wealth of security experience to the role. He retired from the FBI after 27 years as a Special Agent, where he worked myriad investigations including counterterrorism, organized crime, counterintelligence, and white-collar crime. Dowd currently serves as the Assistant Security Representative for the National Football League (NFL) in the Cincinnati Region. In that role, he oversees security for the Cincinnati Bengals, including employee conduct and game-day security.