JVS Career Services can connect your business to qualified applicants

At JVS Career Services, we act as a vital resource for employers who are looking to fill positions within their companies. We have access to a large number of qualified people, from entry level to executive. First, we meet with you to identify your needs. Then we prescreen our candidates, to ensure that we recommend only qualified individuals: people who are skilled, motivated and dedicated to making your business more productive, more efficient, and more profitable. Our staff is available to answer any questions about a referred candidate.


JVS Career Services encourages employers to share job openings by contacting one of our staff members. We also welcome employers as volunteers to mentor, network and/or offer career guidance to clients, many of whom may be young professionals just starting out, individuals seeking to start a new career path or college students establishing career directions. It’s often a great way to find new talent, and the satisfaction gained by partnering with JVS Career Services to provide this important community service is immeasurable.



For more information about how JVS Career Services can help your company with its recruitment efforts, please contact us at (513) 936-9675 or email careerservices@jvscareers.org.