JVS a Natural Place to Turn for Support and Guidance

Having been involved with the Jewish Community for many years, JVS was a natural place to turn for support and guidance after I lost my job.

01What I received in return was more than I could have ever expected. I thought I knew how to network, however; after meeting with Ed I learned that I knew only the tip of the iceberg. Ed, a member of the Cincinnati Career Network’s Advisory Committee taught me how every person can be a vital tool in the job search and to always be prepared to answer the question, “what are you doing now?” and to use it as an opportunity as a door opener to a new employer, a lead on a position, or just a new reference I had not thought to utilize.

Kim Slaton helped me to make my resume a true reflection of who I am and what I could offer a potential employer. She allowed me to possess confidence by giving me valuable language to handle interviews and phone calls as well as encouragement when I got frustrated at the length of my search. She gave me invaluable advice on what to wear, how to look and accessorize! She proofread cover letters and documents that enabled me to put my best foot forward each time I prepared for an interview. Because of all these services I was able to find an incredible job in 3 months. Cincinnati Career Network service is by far one of the best resources in our community and should not be overlooked.