Still Hiring: JVS Career Services Continues to Help People Find Work During Quarantine

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“I had an interview at a company lined up, but then the COVID-19 quarantine happened,” remembered James, “and because of the lockdowns, not only did they cancel the interview, they stopped hiring for the position.”

Luckily for James, JVS Career Services was on his side. He had been working with Career Coach, Dedra Perlmutter since late 2019. “I had heard about JVS Career Services from a friend, so I reached out and was connected to Dedra. I had a full-time job, but I let Dedra know I was looking to pursue other opportunities sometime in the next year.”

James said after his initial contact he and Dedra communicated back and forth about his job search, and she helped him polish his resume and create a LinkedIn presence. “Dedra was very kind, very willing to communicate with me. She helped me find a number of jobs that I may be interested in.”

Dedra helped James find a position in mid-April after the COVID-19 outbreak. James said the first few phases of the interview were the same as they would have been before the outbreak—resume submission, phone screening—but once he got to when the in-person interviews happen, that’s when things changed.

“Once I got to an interview with a hiring manager, the meeting took place over a video call. Normally that would have been in-person, and Dedra was able to help me with techniques on how to conduct an interview over video. A lot of it’s the same, you have to dress appropriately, prepare your answers, but you also have to consider lighting and sound.”

James was offered a position and starts in June, and he said the onboarding process is extremely different due to COVID-19. “To get me set up, they are shipping me my computer and other gear I’ll need. They are being very careful to minimize contact.”

As for his experience with JVS Career Services James said, “I don’t know if I would have been in the position to go for the interview had I not worked with Dedra. I wouldn’t have had my things in order. If I had found the position on my own, the entire interview process would have been slower, and I don’t know if I would have even have had the confidence to apply for it. With Dedra, I was able to jump right into the process.”

And to anyone who is considering contacting JVS Career Services, “I would say absolutely take the first step to get help and sign up with JVS Career Services. You’ll have a team to help you pursue your career goals, so you’re not doing it on your own. The entire experience was very positive; better than I expected. There is no downside. Without them, I may have missed out.”

Right now, JVS Career Services is offering free virtual career coaching sessions to anyone experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. To get in touch, contact JVS Career Services here or reach out by phone at 513-936-9675.