From C-suite execs to entry level employees, from interns to older adults looking to begin an encore career, JVS Career Services helps people find fulfillment in jobs they love. Here are just a few of our success stories.

JVS Career Services’ ‘Personal Touch’ Helped Dietician Thrive, Come Back Home

“I missed home. I wanted to move back to Cincinnati.”

A familiar story. Drawn away by opportunities and education, but pulled back by the Queen City’s charm, the presence of family, and a feeling of being home and part of a community.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Lauren Cohen is a proud graduate of Sycamore High School and had been an involved member of the Jewish community.

JVS Career Services Helps Client Think Deeper

Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for all of your advice, support and wisdom during my recent job search. You helped me evaluate and think deeper than I ever would have on my own. You also helped me prepare and put my best foot forward professionally. I am so grateful for your generosity and the time you shared to guide me. I am so proud and honored to move forward in my new role. Thank you – Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
With Love and Gratitude,


JVS Career Services Boosts Skills, Confidence of East Coaster Returning to Cincinnati

“I tend to be hard on myself and discount my skills because I think everyone can do what I do,” said Jen Cobb, a recent East Coast transplant. “But JVS Career Services got me to embrace that I am special and worthy of getting the job I wanted.”

After more than twenty years away from Cincinnati, Jen, who grew up in Roselawn, was looking for a change—and a location with a more reasonable cost of living. Once she decided to return to her roots in the Queen City, she started planning her move. Read More >


How JVS Career Services helped an Israeli transplant find the perfect mix of career and passion

“When I told David there might be an IT opportunity in farming, I thought he was going to fall off his chair,” said JVS Career Services Senior Business Development Manager Sherry Gordon. “He couldn’t believe it. I contacted 80 Acres CEO Mike Zelkind, and within an hour, David had an interview.”

JVS Career Services aims to find that sweet spot where qualifications, openings, and passions collide; and that spot couldn’t have been sweeter for David Litvin. Read More>


Wise Temple Partners with JVS Career Services: Ups Talent Game, Lets Staff Focus on Big Picture

“We had ample reason to trust, from the quality resumes we got, that JVS Career Services worked well on our behalf. It was a robust effort with good strong vetting, all in a timely fashion. Their response was good at every step.” —Rabbi Lewis Kamrass

When Rabbi Lewis Kamrass and the Wise Temple Board of Trustees were looking to fill a senior position—a role “critical to all that we do,” says Rabbi Kamrass—they considered multiple options. Read More >


Part of the family: JVS Career Services’ recruiting helps Viking Partners reach new heights

“We try to run the business like a family,” says Bret Caller, CEO of Viking Partners, a Cincinnati commercial real estate company. That “family” has quadrupled in size over the last decade.

It’s quite the human resources feat.

“We don’t have an HR department. You’re looking at her,” says Jennifer Ehrhardt, the company’s CFO.

Caller and Ehrhardt say they couldn’t have successfully expanded without the right partners to help them recruit the right people. Read More >


From Jewish educator to IT pro: how JVS Career Services helped a rabbi make a career 180, and fast

“To be honest it was probably the hardest year of my life,” says Rabbi Dovid Brotsky, as he reflects back on the winter of 2014.

He had just moved his five children and his wife to Cincinnati, so that he could take a teaching job at Cincinnati Hebrew Day School. After sixteen years of Jewish study, he couldn’t have been more excited.

Then reality hit. Read More >


Careers Cincinnati Helps Ohio State Student Secure Perfect Match

This summer I am the media intern at Simply Money, a financial advisory firm located on Kemper Road. This opportunity would not have been possible without Careers Cincinnati (a joint initiative of Cincinnati Hillel and Hillel at Miami University). Every day I help write and produce their radio show, which can be heard weekdays on 55 KRC at 6 p.m. Occasionally I have also been appearing on it as “Ricky the Intern.” Being able to get on the show is probably my favorite part of the internship—going live with a microphone and knowing that thousands of people will be listening has been a fantastic, indescribable rush. Read More >


More Than Money: How JVS Career Services Scholarships Are Making Dreams Come True

“It’s never been a question ‘if’ a college education would happen in my family. It was always assumed that I was going to go to college,” explains 30-year-old Tamara Zmood.

The critical question for her and her sister, who, along with their parents, immigrated to Cincinnati from the former Soviet Union, was how that college education would be funded. Read More >



“Working Magic”: JVS Career Services catapults careers for family of 5

When long-time Montgomery resident Carol Wolkoff sent her 24-year-old daughter Rachel to talk with Dedra Perlmutter, a career consultant at JVS Career Services, she had no idea the visit would result in new career opportunities for her entire family.

Six months later, Rachel is happily settled in a new career. Carol’s son, Jeffrey, is excelling in his first job out of college. Her college-aged daughter, Samantha, is ready for the right internship. What’s more, Carol and her husband, David, have discovered that work can be fun again. Both have started new careers utilizing their existing skills in more satisfying and challenging ways. Read More >


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