Why Use a Recruiter?

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By Irina Kleinerman, CPRW, Talent Acquisition Specialist, JVS Career Services

See if this sounds familiar. You are a hiring manager who needs to fill a position. You try to recruit for the position yourself. However, adding recruiting responsibilities to your already-full plate is making the candidate search stretch out for months. You’re down one employee, and your staff is spending precious work time looking for the right candidate. Meanwhile, work isn’t getting done. So what do you do? Does your human resources department have a staff member dedicated to recruiting? Not all do. And even if they do, how many positions is the recruiter currently working to fill?

Consider bringing in an outside recruiting organization to help you. I know what you might be thinking—“I can’t afford to hire an outside recruiting firm.” The truth is, there are lots of costs incurred by not hiring a recruiting firm, and in reality, hiring a recruiting firm pays for itself.

Here are the top five reasons to hire a recruiting firm:

  1. Recruiting firms often have access to a better network and the latest recruiting tools and techniques, and they use a proprietary database of candidates that an in-house recruiter doesn’t have access to.
  2. In today’s competitive market, not only do you interview the candidate, but the candidate interviews you! Recruiters can help you best define and describe the position and help you to “sell” the position and the organization better.
  3. For a specialized or hard-to-fill position, a recruiting firm can often fill it faster. Recruiters bring specialized skills in cold-calling into our customer’s competitors and approach the passive job seeker. Good recruiters also are constantly networking and have a large pool of candidates available at any given time.
  4. A good recruiting firm brings years of expertise to help a hiring manager brainstorm and understand the competencies they really need for the role.
  5. When you have decided on a candidate and want to make an offer, an outside recruiter can serve as an intermediary and can handle any contentious issues in hiring negotiations.

If you need to fill a position, contact JVS Career Services. We have experience recruiting all levels of talent, from entry level to senior manager positions. JVS Career Services has access to the best, most qualified talent in the Cincinnati job market, and we specialize in personalized service. We’re committed to understanding your organization’s goals and needs, and we use a talent-screening process that takes into account skill, experience, background, personality, and culture fit.

A good recruiting firm can take the monumental task of finding the right person for the job off of your plate. JVS Career Services assumes all of the responsibilities for recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business.


Irina Kleinerman, CPRW, Talent Acquisition Specialist, has a Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences with specialization in Human Resources and Communications from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Irina moved to Cincinnati with her husband who is a Fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Before moving to Cincinnati she was a recruiter in Israel where she recruited for positions across all industries.

Her experience includes managing the entire recruiting process including defining position competencies, sourcing, screening, interviewing and final selection. She supports the hiring managers in salary negotiations and writing employment offer letters.

To contact Irina Kleinerman by phone, please call (513) 745-2908, or email her at ikleinerman@jvscareers.org.